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November 18th 2017 New/Dark Moon in Scorpio

November 2017 Dark Scorpio Moon_New Moon in Scorpio

NOTE: I’ve put together a post, updating what’s been up with my health. Here’s the link: Not So Wordless Monday – a breakdown of my body’s breakdown. Thank you to everyone for the messages of encouragement – I wicked appreciate…

Revisiting the Feud Spell by Ellen Dugan

NOTE: Now that my ophthalmologist determined my vision issues are situational and not a sign of impending blindness, I’m feeling much better about being at my keyboard. However, since the blurriness still makes screen time challenging (and triggers headaches), I’m…

5 Witchy ways to celebrate Halloween

5 Witchy ways to celebrate Halloween

[Originally featured on SheKnows, October 19th, 2015, but I’ve created a new infographic, included at the bottom of this post.] How to honor life, death and rebirth this Halloween Happy New Year! No, I’m not confused. For witches like me,…