Power Raising Songs for a Witchy Wednesday

It seems like forever since I’ve done a proper post about witchcraft. Probably because my witchy mojo has been feeling off for the past…. *counts on fingers and toes* … yeah, that long. So today I’m doing something a bit different – I’m sharing five of my favorite power raising songs for this Witchy Wednesday.

This was inspired by a combination of things. Recently I’ve been seeing (and enjoying) @the-bitcoin-dood‘s music themed posts (like this one, and this one), and thought about doing one myself. Then yesterday, during @eddiespino‘s Twitter @hivechat, he asked a question about what kinds of topics we write about in our our blogs. While you can’t tell from my answer, I almost forgot to tag witchcraft as a topic! Those two things converged in my brain last night when I found an old YouTube playlist of mine, called Power Raising Songs, and the post idea was born!

What do I mean by power raising songs? I’m sure every witch/pagan/person has their own definition, but for me, it’s music I listen to when trying to get into the right mindset for whatever spell I plan to cast. Sometimes the spell is a formal affair, with an altar, crystals, candles, and other witchy accoutrements. Sometimes it’s a simple as taking a deep breath & focusing on what I want to manifest/banish. There are times it comes easy for me, but for those times that I’m just not feeling it, or I want an extra bit of juice, I’ll pop various songs/playlists on and let the musical vibes wash over me until I feel ready to get started.

I know it might seem a bit counterintuitive, but I actually don’t base my choices on the lyrics or the music itself. It’s all about how the song makes me feel. In fact, there are more than a few songs that I usually stumble over the lyrics, or I kind of sound them out, or even just hum along. For me, it’s just the sound, not necessarily the lyrical meaning, if that makes sense. There are even some songs on one of my playlists (the traditional Balkan folks songs by Black Sea Hotel come to mind) that aren’t even in English!

I originally thought about picking songs for specific rituals, but after my brain cramped, I decided to just go with the first five that came to mind. If there’s interest, I might put together a post or two in the future with song & spell combos – be sure to let me know if that’s something you’d want to check out.

Power Raising Songs


Disturbed – Prayer


Evanescence – Going Under


Godsmack – Voodoo


Ra – Do You Call My Name


Blue Stahli – ULTRAnumb


How about you? Are there songs you like to listen to before doing ritual work? For my non-witchy friends, are there specific songs you like to listen to in order to get in a powerful frame of mind? Please shout out with suggestions in the comments – I love adding new songs to my playlists!


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  1. It is very comforting that someone else is a bit lyric deaf! I, too, go by feel. And two of my favourites are Spirit Bird by Xavier RUdd and Wo Ya Ya by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

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