Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces August 26th 2018

This Sunday, August 26th, the Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces arrives in my corner of the world. To check out the exact time in your location, check out the link HERE.

It’s been quite the summer astrologically, what with eclipses, and planets, and retrogrades – oh my! However, because my astro-skills are definitely lacking, I’ve once again turned to the interwebz to figure out what this will mean for us. I love how Tanaaz over at Forever Conscious breaks it all down –

From Pisces Full Moon Ritual August 2018

The Pisces Full Moon on August 26-27th is set to be one of the best this year and will help to ease any intensities brought by the recent string of Eclipses and retrogrades.

No matter what is brewing, no matter what is stirring, the energy of this Full Moon is going to ensure that we are all safe and protected.

This Full Moon is really here to guide us. It is here to shine a light on the darkness, it is here to illuminate our fears and melt them away. It is here to activate our feminine side, and to remind us of our oneness.

The beautiful, calm, and restorative vibration to this month’s Full Moon, makes it the perfect time for ritual work. It is also the perfect time to delve into your spirituality and activate your intuition and creativity.

Be sure to go over and check out her post (here’s the link again), because she also includes an awesome ritual bath to take advantage of this beautiful energy!

A spell or two

Speaking of rituals, I have a couple of spells myself. The first one I created back in June 2015 for a post I did called WW (Witchy Wednesday) – Kickstarter & Full Moon Good Fortune Spell. I’d seen a Kickstarter project for the Grimassi’s back then (spoiler alert – it was successful…LOL), and I was inspired to put together a simple Good Fortune Spell.

Full or Waxing Moon Good Fortune Spell

The second one was put together for a blog swap kind of thing back last August. I did a guest post for another blogger and she did one for me. We decided our theme would be the (then upcoming) partial lunar eclipse, so I designed a Full Moon Healing Spell.

My Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces infographic

Now here’s the graphic I created for this full Pisces moon, using a picture I took of the full moon in August 2016. If you look closely, you can see the tiny little bat that photobombed the shot! Oh, and shameless plug – yes, the photo is available in my Zazzle shop. 😊

Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces August 26th 2018

Bright Full Sturgeon Moon in Pisces blessings to all!

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