Tangled Web

In 2008, I submitted my first novel, “Tangled Web (Confessions of an Internet G33k, Book One)” to the Authonomy website – a year later, I earned a gold star review from one of the editors at Harper Collins.

Tangled Web

I’ve worked off and on, editing and restructuring the story. When I’m done, I’m thinking about publishing it as an e-book in the hopes of developing a fan base while I query agents and publishers.

Here’s the description from the (now defunct) Authonomy site:

The truth shall set you free. Except for Cat – the truth sent her best friend to jail.

Cat is living an interesting life.

First, her boyfriend Jack finally asks her to move in, but less than a year later decides he’s not ready for a serious girlfriend.

Then she finds a new apartment and a new best friend, Sharon, in the tiny town of Newmarket, New Hampshire. Sharon’s failed marriage, her obsession with an ex-girlfriend, and her crush on her straight roommate Monica make Cat feel better about the confusing way her relationship with Jack is over… but not over.

The two women soon become inseparable – until Cat discovers Sharon’s shocking crime and both their lives are turned upside down.

Inspired by true events, and a criminal case that changed the way New Hampshire viewed its animal cruelty laws, this story blends fictionalized people and places with actual court documents and testimony never seen before in public.

First draft – complete at 108,000 words.
Cover design – Bradley Wind

UPDATE December 2020

Not really anything new, especially since I did this a couple years ago, but I have the first two chapters posted over on my Hive blog. Here’s the link to the first post, and you can follow the links (3 in total) from there.

An excerpt from my unpublished novel, “The Tangled Web.”

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