Full Harvest Moon in Aries – September 24th (or 25th) 2018

The Full Harvest Moon in Aries shines its light on my corner of the world late tomorrow night. However, given the timing of it, some might not see it until the early hours of Tuesday the 25th (hence my wishy washy blog title…lol!). To discover the exact time in your local, check out the info HERE.

Word on the astrology street is that the energy of this Aries moon will be great for taking our emotions out of the equation, and focusing on practical solutions to all the stuff that resulted in our lives thanks to the Summer Of Retrogrades! For instance, Leena Sanders over at Thought Catalog, says in her article September 2018 Full Moon In Aries: It’s Time For Change

This full moon is in the sign of Aries, meaning, bold transitions are coming to light and happening all around us. Over the last few months, a lot of cosmic shifts have been happening. This year we have had three full solar eclipses, when typically we only have two in a year. With many planets in Retrograde at all times, there has been a specific and consistent theme when it comes from analyzing our realities and making adjustments accordingly. This year so far has required us to take a closer look at everything in our lives.

This full moon is all about action. Aries is a fire sign, always ready to say and do whatever is needed. This full moon is all about putting our emotion down and looking at every area we have been analyzing with our best judgment and all of our logic. This moon will require us to get real with ourselves, to practice utmost honesty.

Be sure to check out the rest of her post for suggested questions to ask ourselves during this full moon (such as “What do I need to let go of?) as well as other wicked good stuff.

Also, over at Bustle, Brandi Neal breaks down what we can expect, depending on our zodiac/sun sign. Here’s the intro to her post, What The Harvest Moon 2018 Full Moon Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Harvest Moon in Aries is coming Sept. 24 so you can finally reap the rewards of all of that manifesting you did during the summer of cosmic chaos. What the Harvest Moon means for you based on your zodiac sign largely depends on your ability to chill. That’s right, the full Harvest Moon is giving you permission to relax, and why would you want to fight against relaxing? It’s such a rare gift these days. “This September 2018 full moon in Aries might have you thinking it’s all about growth and abundance. In actuality … not so much,” Astrologer Rachel Celeste Hansen wrote for Astrology.com. “That’s because full moons ask us to pause and reflect — not the sort of thing Aries typically enjoys.”

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries manifests as energy that wants to move forward all the freakin’ time. Case in point, Aries-born artist Lady Gaga who seems to get more done — and wear more outfits — in a day than most people do in a year. But, if you fall under the spell of go-go-go Aries, it’s going to be a rough harvest moon for you. “Just as the sun’s light makes the moon visible at this time, our own dark side also tends to show up in more obvious ways,” Astrology.com noted. “For Aries, that can mean anger, aggression, and reckless or hotheaded behavior.” If you want to keep it chill during the Harvest Moon moon, here’s how to keep your cool based on your sign.

She goes on to detail what each sign is facing, so be sure to click the link and check it out!

For anyone looking for spells or rituals for this occasion, I have a couple I put together that I’m happy to share. This first one I created back in June 2015 for a post called Kickstarter & Full Moon Good Fortune Spell. I’d seen a Kickstarter project for the Grimassi’s back then (spoiler alert – it was successful…LOL), and I was inspired to put together a simple Good Fortune Spell.

Full or Waxing Moon Good Fortune Spell

This one was put together for a blog swap kind of thing I did last August.

Now, here’s the infographic I created for this Full Harvest Moon in Aries, using a picture I took of the full moon in September 2017.

Full Harvest Moon in Aries September 2018 infographic

Bright Full Harvest Moon in Aries blessings to all!


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