For #MicroblogMondays – Infographics for Beltane & Samhain

A few days ago, I got an idea for a post called, “3 tips for bloggers on Twitter.” I thought it would be the perfect microblog sized topic which, given my fondness for chicken salad sandwich stories, isn’t particularly easy for me. I clicked on the, “Add New Post” and quickly typed out the first three that came to mind. I figured today I could flesh it out a bit, add a graphic or two, and be good to go. Now after spending a large portion of the day writing and rewriting it (whilst second guessing my choices every other minute, just to keep things interesting), I decided to instead to update my infographics for Beltane & Samhain, coming up at week’s end.

May 1st – Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere

For #MicroblogMondays - Infographics for Beltane & Samhain

May 1st – Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere

For #MicroblogMondays - Infographics for Beltane & Samhain

As for what Microblog Monday means…

The Full Pink Super Moon in Libra, April 7th 2020  #MicroblogMondays

“Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is?
Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and
how you can participate too.” ~ Melissa S. Ford, Stirrup Queens


Oh, and please feel free to share my infographics for Beltane & Samhain on social media if you wish, and bright blessings to you!

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April 7th 2020

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