Please help us help this stray cat

Hey all,

A number of people suggested that I put together a fundraiser to help us cover the medical costs of the adorable stray cat who showed up at our kitchen door during the evening of November 11th. After peeking at different options, I decided it would be simpler and quicker to put together a short blog post with a PayPal “Donate” button. 😊

stray cat picture for social media
Picture we took to put on social media that first night, in the hopes of finding his owner.

I’ve done a bunch of research (Googling and phone calls), and while there are options to have his work done for a discounted price through places like the NHSPCA, it also means waiting weeks for paperwork and availability. Since we can’t “introduce” him to our other animals until these things are done, we’ve decided to go with our local vet instead.

stray cat vet visit
His first visit to the vet – he was SO relaxed!

This is the breakdown of the cost –

Last week’s office visit (checkup & deworming) – $88
This week’s babies & distemper – $78
Next week’s neutering – estimate is between $100 & $200

The total will be between $266 to $366.

I know so many people are going through struggles much bigger than taking care of a stray cat, and I normally wouldn’t even ask, but the timing of this has been less-than-perfect for our bank account. So if you’re able to drop a dollar or two into my PayPal donation bucket, it would be incredibly appreciated.

So, without further ado, here’s the button I created for this –

My life is still a bit chaotic (moreso since our visitor arrived…lol!), but I have a new Tarot Tuesday ready to go for tomorrow, and I’m planning to be back full-time in all my usual online haunts next week. One of the first blog posts I plan to do will be about our guest’s arrival, which will hopefully end with the announcement of his name (he’s being particularly stubborn about giving it up, but I think we might be close…).

Oh, and even if you don’t donate a penny, but you’ve made it this far…



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