Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun!

Yes, for a brief nanosecond, I thought I’d come up with an original hash tag, but two seconds on Twitter showed me that Feline Friday has been a thing for at least a couple of years. But what better way to have some fun on a Friday than with Five Freddie fotos?

For the record, Freddie is the stray who arrived at our front door just over two years ago, and after we were unable to find his owners (if he even ever had any – at the time, our veterinarian seemed to think he was still a fairly young cat and may have been wandering around for the better part of a year or so), we realized we’d fallen in love with him & asked if he was okay hanging out here. Lucky for us, he said yes.

Speaking of fun and Fridays, a short time before I hit publish on this post, I saw one pop up on Hive from @the-bitcoin-dood called – Let’s Support Each Other – FollowFriday – Some Fun and Creative Accounts I Follow, and remembered I wanted to start doing occasional Follow Friday posts myself. I think it’s an awesome way for people to connect with each other, and I’m now planning to do one for next week, but with a bit of a twist – I figure I’ll share five Hive and five WordPress bloggers for mine. And now that I’m saying it, hopefully it will stick in my brain! Oh, and be sure to check out his post as well as the one from @steevc (who I believe got the #FollowFriday thing rolling on Hive recently) called, Follow Friday – Sleepers awaken!

Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun!


Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun
It looks like he dipped his polydactyl paws in a saucer of milk.

Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun
Pretty soon after his arrival, he began making a habit of jumping up on our backs and doing what we call his gargoyle impression. I then googled & discovered that shoulder cats are a thing (in this particular instance he’s on mine & I managed to snap a shot with my phone.

Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun
This one was taken by my hubby about three months after Freddie’s arrival – we heard some squirrels chattering outside, and the curious cat decided to take a peek in a unique way.

Five Freddie Fotos For Feline Friday Fun
Even though we made him an indoor cat (for a myriad of reasons), we still take him out on a fairly regular basis to get some fresh air.

I think I have about a thousand versions of this particular pose, as it happens to be his purrfurred posture.



Happy Friday!



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