My entry into the Steemit Bloggers Contest – Treasure Hunt

Last week, when I did my super short update post about our new family member, I said I’d be starting this week off with the full story about his arrival. However, I’m doing this contest entry instead for a couple different reasons – first off, I mean, come on! How can I turn down something with “treasure” in the title? Also, while I’m pretty sure what name our new cat wants, I haven’t convinced the rest of the household, so I’m holding off until I can introduce him to everyone properly.

That being said, here I go with my entry! I love how @thekittygirl set this up – what a totally cool concept! You can read all the deets in her post, Steemit Bloggers Contest – Treasure Hunt, but here’s the gist of it:


  • Solve a crossword puzzle below. The theme is: winter
  • Unscramble the letters in the red boxes to reveal the name of a member of the SteemitBloggers commnity.
  • Go to that Steemian’s blog and look for a certain post and read it. Make a note of the different things talked about.
  • Author your own Steemit post about one of the things that is mentioned in the SteemitBlogger’s post. You may do a 300-word (minimum) freewrite, write a poem, draw a picture (stick figures allowed!), or take a photograph of the subject.
  • Do not reveal any of the answers when you do your post, other than including one of the things in your poem, freewrite, drawing, or photo!

So I solved the puzzle, unscrambled the letters (only to realize I must’ve messed up a couple of the clues, because I got two of the letters wrong!), and found (hopefully) the correct Steemian and post.

Now without giving away the thing that I’m going to use that was mentioned in the post (say that three times fast…lol!), here is my photographic interpretation of said thing.

Yes, it’s only November and this is the view outside the window next to my desk.
It snowed so early in the season, and so hard, that it knocked most of the rest of the fall leaves down at the same time.

Thank you so much for putting this together, @steemitbloggers – it was wicked fun to do!


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