Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday

I will fully admit this is a panicked, “oh no, it’s almost 8pm (when the UTC time for the day ends in my neck of the woods and I’m trying for the @hivebuzz Monthly Author badge) and I haven’t posted for today’s NaBloPoMo/HiveBloPoMo yet! In my defense, I’ve been busy today curating for the awesome and fairly new @ocd initiative for new arrivals on Hive, called @lovesniper. It’s wicked time consuming cool to see how many people from all over the world are finding their way to our blockchain. At any rate, since the clock is ticking down fast, here are Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday.

As I’ve said before, Freddie is the stray who arrived at our front door just over two years ago, and after we were unable to find his owners (if he even ever had any – at the time, our veterinarian seemed to think he was still a fairly young cat and may have been wandering around for the better part of a year or so), we realized we’d fallen in love with him & asked if he was okay hanging out here. Lucky for us, he said yes.

These four shots are some of the most recent I have of him, from this month and March, 2021.

Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday


Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday
1. His favorite place seems to be wherever our clean clothes are. In this case, hubby’s freshly washed pajama bottoms. Some of his other favorite places to be are….

Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday
2. Looking out at the birds flying past.

Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday
3. Snuggled up on our bed.

Four Freddie Fotos For Caturday
4. Outside for a bit of fresh air.


Happy weekend, everyone!



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