Feathered Friends – Turkey Vultures in love & spreading their wings for the Show Me A Photo contest!

While I don’t always get the chance to enter the awesome Feathered Friends Show Me A Photo contests, I always check out the theme for the week. When I saw the theme for last week’s was Mating Birds (and saw some of the amazing entries) I had to laugh, because I couldn’t remember, even in all the years of bird watching, ever seeing them in action (pun most definitely included). This week’s Wings was going to be an easy one for me, but – I kid you not – while I was searching on my computer, I was interrupted by Turkey Vultures in love! 😂

To set the scene – as I said, I was at my computer mid morning on Wednesday (April 14th) looking through my photo archives for some shots featuring wings, while hubby was sitting on our bed chatting with me. As usual, our cat and dog were also on the bed, being their usual adorable selves.

At one point, my husband said something along the lines of, “awww look how cute he is” in reference to either Sandy or Freddie and I turned to look. And spotted a huge mass of feathers out on a rock at the edge of our yard, moving in a weird way. It took my brain a half second to realize it was a pair of turkey vultures celebrating the change of season!

I grabbed my camera & tripod and managed to get a bunch of pictures (and a short video – sorry though, it’s not NSFW) both through the window as well as a few when I went outside. Since the vultures were kind enough to also show off their wings for me, they saved me from having to look for photos for my entry!

Turkey Vultures in love & spreading their wings


Turkey Vultures in love
1. This was the very first shot I took, and I thought for sure they’d take off after seeing me at the window!

Turkey Vultures in love
2. However, they didn’t seem to mind…lol

Turkey Vultures in love
3. And almost as soon as it started….

Turkey Vultures in love
4. They finished with a big flourish of wings! And yes, this is my entry photo into the contest. 😊

Turkey Vultures in love
5. The look of love… lol

Turkey Vultures in love
6. Even with such unappealing heads, they still manage to look cute!

Turkey Vultures in love
7. This is how close they were to our house.


This is a short, somewhat shaky video (as I said, my camera was on my tripod, but I still had my hand on the camera to turn the video on & off, so my slightly tremoring hand didn’t do me any favors. I also stripped teh sound from it since they weren’t making any noise & all you could hear was the sound of the space heater running under our bedroom window.

Turkey Vultures in love
8. Chillaxing on the rock.

Turkey Vultures in love
9. And look! Mrs TV is showing off her wings now!

Turkey Vultures in love
10. Posing pretty. Right after this photo, I decided to sneak outside to see if I could get some that weren’t through the not-so-clean bedroom window.

Turkey Vultures in love
11. I tiptoed out, walked slowly around the corner, and realized they were gone from the rock. As I turned to go back in the house, I spotted this guy perched in the tree next to the driveway!

Turkey Vultures in love
12. Looks like he wanted to show off his wings a little more before leaving!

Turkey Vultures in love
13. And there he goes!

Turkey Vultures in love
14. Nice of him to pose his wings so much for me!

Turkey Vultures in love
15. Of course, one second before I took this, he had his wings spread out fully again, but I missed the moment. However I thanked him for posing, and he took off to join his missus.

Turkey Vultures in love
16. Again, I missed an amazing shot as the missus rounded the house flying low and he flew off the branch towards her, and they danced in the air for a brief second before heading off beyond the trees. They are truly amazing to see, and I’m wicked happy they stopped in for a visit.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of these Turkey Vultures in love & spreading their wings


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