FF – Must See Cyber TV

For this installment of Fandom Friday, I decided to dig deep in the archives of my former blog, and you'll never guess (you being any fellow RvBers peeking in) what I found! A fangirl post about Jesse Cowell! I'd almost forgotten the phenomenon that was Jeskid, but I'm happy to say he's still hanging around... Continue Reading →

MM – Labor of love

Hubby & I left the house this afternoon at 4pm, heading to the store to pick up a few things (none of which were holiday related). We got home around 10pm. I swear we got sucked into a time vortex that somehow turned a half hour into six. The end result (besides the wallet damage)... Continue Reading →

FF – The one I love

To the one I love. Okay, technically, I have had many loves. In fact, too many to count. To be honest, I don't even know if I could remember all their names at the moment, there have been so many. But there was that one, in the beginning (not my first but definitely my most... Continue Reading →

Money can buy happiness

Happy Freakout (aka Black) Friday! Rather than spending the day spending money and shopping, I decided to hang at home, meander memory lane with my mother, chat with my children, and hope for hubby to return home soon. Oh, and wrangle words - here are a few more from my former, fictional self. Money Can... Continue Reading →

Nude beginnings

My fictional self, known as Catherine Trevor (InternetG33k if you're nasty) has another repost she would like to share. We've had many conversations recently as to who should be in charge of this blog from now on. I'm still not sure how it will all play out, but in the meantime, here is another of... Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, be hoppy

Nope, not a typo - I meant hoppy. I promise it will make sense when I'm done. What doesn't make sense (or does it? *grin*) is that I've noticed the blog entries I've written as my alter ego, Catherine Trevor (aka InternetG33k) have garnered more attention than my non-fiction stuff. For the moment, I will... Continue Reading →

Of Demons and Glow-ons

Yesterday, our son (seventeen) made me a proud g33k mommy. He was telling me about a new guild he set up with some friends on WoW. He mentioned that they made a tabard, and asked me to guess which symbol they used. After a few failed guesses, he told me, "The one that looks like... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Hard Drives

Back when I wrote a blog for a local paper, I started off as a fictionalized person, with the approval of TBTP (The Powers That Be). I had this idea in my head that I could write a kind of "Diary of V" for the Seacoast, and the adventures of Catherine Trevor (the name I... Continue Reading →

Reality Bytes

You know those light bulb moments? The ones where you’ve been motoring along through life, doing certain things in a certain way, without considering if it was really the easiest or most efficient way of doing it? Then, reality check - someone or something comes along and shows you a better way? I’ve had many... Continue Reading →

I Love You, Period.

In honor of the best and easiest period I’ve had in forever (Goodbye, iron deficiency! Hello, perimenopause!), I’m reposting another blog entry from yesteryear. I eventually plan to get all my old entries up (somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty or so), and I’m thankful for the millionth time that I saved them all before... Continue Reading →

The Geek Side

Come to the Geek Side - we have Pi. *giggle* *giggle* *snort* Since it's difficult to write whilst snickering away, I'm posting an old entry from a blog I did for a local newspaper , back in... ... wait for it... ... are you ready?... ... 2007! Some of the links have long since disappeared,... Continue Reading →

Please Help Find Abigail Hernandez

While I have no personal involvement in this missing person case, it hits close to home - literally and figuratively. Her family lives about an hour away from ours. She's close in age to our children. Her missing poster is now showing up in stores where we shop. Even though my audience here is small,... Continue Reading →

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