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For this installment of Fandom Friday, I decided to dig deep in the archives of my former blog, and you’ll never guess (you being any fellow RvBers peeking in) what I found! A fangirl post about Jesse Cowell! I’d almost forgotten the phenomenon that was Jeskid, but I’m happy to say he’s still hanging around in cyberspace, doing his thing. I can’t wait to get caught up on his latest offerings, but before I do, I’m posting this long ago (holy crap, has it really been almost ten years???) entry from my long defunct blog. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Must See Cyber TV
Posted by InternetGeek at October 5, 2005 07:08 PM

I have talented friends.

Well, in some cases, they aren’t really friends. They are people that I worship and stalk and hope to emulate someday. Case in point – Jesse Cowell, better known in certain cyber circles (*cough* *cough* JWs *cough* *cough*) as Jeskid. I have yet to meet him in person, but I’ve seen enough of his antics via the magic of mpeg that I feel like we’re best buds. Well, that’s stretching it a bit. It’s more like he’s that weird but popular kid in school who made everyone laugh and there was this one time he dropped his pen and I picked it up and chased him down the hall to give it back to him so after that he used to say “hi” to me every now and then in the cafeteria whenever he couldn’t avoid noticed me frantically waving at him. Yeah, that.

Before I send everyone off to his homepage, I must warn you. He is not exactly politically correct. The disclaimer on his site reads, “If you are easily offended and don’t understand that I joke about everything from race, sexuality, or the way I feel about small children – then this is not the site for you. Jeskid loves everyone – Always.” Expect to hear the F word as a constant adjective, and many other colorful phrases will make regular appearances. Oddly enough, this lends a certain dysfunctional charm to his body of work.

So once you’ve shooed all the little ears and delicate sensibilities out of the room, head over to Jeskid.com. The link on the left [NOTE – If memory serves, when I wrote this, his main page was a split screen, with two simple buttons] will bring you to “Shades Of Gray,” Jesse’s full length (76 minutes long) film, free for your downloading pleasure. This award winning story centers around Eric (played by Jesse), an obnoxious-but-strangely-charming player with an incriminating black book. His friends band together and steal it, forcing Eric to meet with them one by one, so they can detail the ways he’s pissed them off. They are hoping to reach some sort of truce – otherwise Eric’s current girlfriend who is possibly “the one” will be the recipient of said book.

The link on the right will bring you to Jeskid TV. He describes this particular endeavor in this fashion –

“Jesse Cowell, AKA Jeskid is the director of the underground hit film Shades of Gray. But his film is so underground that he is broke, lonely and bored waiting for his big break. So tiny digital camera in hand, Jeskid ventures forth to bring you his twisted view of the world, his journey to the top (or bottom) and all the random ADD moments in between.

His inability to sit still, offend everyone in sight equally and have the world’s biggest heart, makes this the strangest yet most addictive show on or off television.

Jeskid TV. The documentary that’s always changing channels”

Some of his episode titles are “Time to Fess Up,” “Toys” (not the kid variety), “The Dentist,” and “Going Gay”. Obviously not your typical subject matter, but it always ends up being funny, whether you laugh with him or at him (and I guarantee you’ll never look at a pillow the same way ever again. Ever.).

I highly recommend checking him out so when (not if) he hits the big time, you can say you knew him before he was infamous… I mean, famous. I know when the time comes, he’s the kind of person who will say, “Hey… yeah. I remember you… pen girl… thanks for… yeah, good to see you, bye!”

Comments (from original blog)
Posted by: subcypher at October 5, 2005 10:59 PM
Jeskid is a friend of mine. Granted, I’ve only met him once, but I’m a soldier in the Shades of Gray army. That means I’m a heavy “word of mouth” and DVD distributor of the movie. I showed up in Chicago for the MicroCinema Film Festival for the first big-screen viewing of the movie. Jesse one Best Feature – Comedy there. The film is awesome and well worth the download time to watch it. JeskidTV is also incredibly funny. If you watch the Chicago episodes you can see me in at least one of them! 😀

Posted by: TheSwmnCello at October 5, 2005 11:53 PM
I’ve only seen a couple of the JeskidTV episodes, but the ones I did were great! I plan to find a weekend where I’m not overwhelmed with work (for once) and watch most or all of them.

I loved Shades of Gray before everyone on RvB knew what it was! I still have a copy of it on my HD, but I haven’t watched it in a while.

Posted by: SurferGirl at October 6, 2005 01:37 AM
I know I need to d/l it (Shades of Gray) but I have been impossibly lazy lately. And theres the attention deficit thing I have going too. I used to go to my friends internet blog and comment there too but I have been remiss as of late. Um….where am I exactly…..just randomly babbling and I seem to have lost my way to Red vs. Blue ! But really cool story blog lady ! Did I mention I have a friend that does this too ? She goes by the name Internet Geek and she is awesome !! Check her out sometime !! Ciao ! 😀

Posted by: athens at October 6, 2005 06:31 AM
All that’s been said is true, his talent is great!

Posted by: ARgirl at October 6, 2005 08:11 AM
I loved “Shades of Gray”. I know that Jeskid will be really big one day.

Posted by: Jo at October 6, 2005 08:34 AM
I think I may have given him some of the money towards that digicamera…
I keep telling him to stop wasting time on the minutiae and write another bloody screenplay, but no. He keeps telling me he’s got things he wants to do and he never does em. Grrrrr!

Posted by: bullyforme at October 6, 2005 12:36 PM
Oh yeah? Well Jeskid and I were secretly married last week.

Posted by: Manny at October 7, 2005 02:44 PM
I have no talents. Unless you consider being able to drink 20 beer in one sitting a talent. =)

Jeskid is awesome!

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