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One of the reasons I started doing Witchy Wednesday posts was to give the rediscovery of my witchiness a focus. Too many times over the years, I’d think, “Gee, I wonder what I should do for Mabon/Litha/etc next week? I should look some stuff up.” Then a week later, I’d realize I’d forgotten, and the day would just slide by. Now, by having to compile information for my graphics, I’ve taken away one of my stumbling blocks. Looks like my fickle muse has done me a favor.

I made an interesting discovery while researching Mabon – one that made me walk away from the computer and work-in-progress post, to give my brain a chance to process it. Okay, that sounded tons more dire than I meant. Simply put, a Facebook post by Christopher Penczak floated up in my newsfeed, and I thought, “Wait – there’s a controversy of the name Mabon? Why did I not know this? Is this the Pagan version of Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays?”

Suffice to say, after a fair amount of poking around on sites like Patheos and Witches’ Voice, I’m happy to continue to refer to it both as Mabon and the Fall Equinox.


Now on to the second event from this blog’s title – the upcoming “Super Full Harvest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries Frell Me The World Is Ending” on September 27th (or 28th, depending on your timezone). In my research, I found the simplest breakdown on the site, Forever Conscious

On the 28th we not only have a Harvest Moon, Super Moon and a Blood Moon but also an Eclipse that is part of a series of four that began back in 2014.

To make sense of all of this:

Harvest Moon: the full moon that is closest to the Spring/Autumnal equinox and is usually a powerful time of change and new beginnings.

Super Moon: when the moon is closer the earth due to it’s rotation and orbit. This is usually a time where the energetic effects of the moon and emotions run high and are felt stronger.

Blood Moon: when the earth casts a shadow on the moon causing the suns light to hit the moon and make it appear red. The term is also used to describe four total Lunar Eclipses.

Throughout history every four or tetrad of Blood Moon Eclipses have often signified powerful changes, ending and beginnings. These Moon series have also been referred to in many religious and spiritual text due to their significance.

Even though Lunar Eclipses are not uncommon, having a series of four Blood Moons is very rare and something that has not been repeated since 1967.

(I highly recommend clicking here and reading the rest of this informative article)

To wrap it all up, here the graphic I created for the occasion, using a picture I took of the August Full Moon. Bright Mabon, Full Moon, Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies rivers and seas boiling forty years of darkness earthquakes volcanoes the dead rising from the grave human sacrifice dogs and cats living together mass hysteria blessings to all!

September Super Full Harvest Moon

Super Full Harvest Moon in Aries September 27, 2015 at 10:50pm (EST). This is the second (and closest) of the three Super Full Moons in 2015. Also called a Blood Moon because the Lunar Eclipse will cast a faint red shadow. Magical workings include – Protection, healing, recharging your spiritual battery, transformation, fertility, creativity, leadership.

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