Full Pink Moon in Scorpio, April 29th, 2018

Bad witch - no cookie! Somehow, I completely spaced the upcoming full moon! Late yesterday afternoon, as I wobbled around the yard taking pictures while keeping hubby company as he grilled up some supper, I noticed the moon rising behind the trees. Me - "Ooo, lookie! It's the MOON!" *snaps a billion pictures* Hubby -... Continue Reading →

The Full Blue Moon Sky Show

Mother Nature has been a bit fickle lately, so even though the weather report (at least the one I saw) called for clear skies Saturday night, I decided to play it safe and grab some shots of the Full Blue Moon on Friday night (technically, only 9 hours before it officially turned full). Good thing... Continue Reading →

The Full Blue Moon in Libra

I feel like it's been years since I've done a big write-up for the astrological significance of the full moon each month. And technically, I haven't done one since last year (for the December 2017 full moon). I have some ideas for how to approach these posts in the future, but for now, I'm keeping... Continue Reading →

The Waxing Moon and Aldebaran

Yesterday, the predicted Four’easter was a non-event. While enough snow fell early morning that we needed to brush off hubby's work truck, by the time the storm drifted away, even that inch or two was mostly melted. via GIPHY Needless to say, my enthusiasm for snow snaps is not what it used to be, so... Continue Reading →

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