FF – I heart DubsmashWar Round Two

BAD G33k! I completely spaced the ongoing battle, and DubsmashWar Round Two began without me! Okay, so technically I have nothing to do with the Dubsmash, but still – I feel I’ve let my heroes down by not proclaiming to geek all and sundry that new Marvelousness had been posted.

Once again, as I mentioned in the Round One post (now updated with Team Shield’s belated entry impression) because this war is also raising money for charity, they’ve asked that people not embed videos for the duration. So, please click on the link below to view, then come back here to discuss. I’ll wait… *cue elevator music*

Videos are up on Crowdrise, official host of DubSmashWar

I think Team Carter is the clear winner in this round. I appreciate the sentiment behind Team Shield’s endeavor, but any time that person-I-won’t-name-’cause-spoilers shows up, there’s no contest.

Speaking of contests, keep in mind that while it costs a dollar to vote (way less than a cup of coffee regular), each dollar is donated to charity, and also enters you into a drawing. The grand prize? Lunch with Hailey & James, and Chloe & Clark, in Hollywood. Oh, and you get to record your very own DubSmash with them too.

Who do you think nailed this round? Is Team Carter washed up, or did Team Shield get caught in their own web? Shout out in the comment section below, and vote often!

Feel free to shout out!

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