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Friday May 6th brings the Dark Taurus Moon. While some day I might be able to remember my Astrology class teachings well enough to postulate planetary predictions myself, today is not that day. Here’s a little bit of information from a couple of websites (same as last month) that are able to read meanings in the stars –

First up, from The Dark Pixie Astrology, a snippet of an article called, May 2016 New & Full Moons: New Moon in Taurus & Full Moon in Sagittarius.

This new moon in Taurus encourages us to slow down, take a moment, and let everything sink in. April came with a lot of energy that we’re still reeling from, and some time to slow it all down and take it all in can be a good thing. We can benefit from a slow, steady approach, and we can take our time with decisions and actions. No need to rush, just take your time . . .

This new moon in Taurus occurs at the same time that Mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backward) in Taurus, though the new moon isn’t conjunct (aligned with), so it’s more like casting some light on the retrograde rather than bringing full-focus on the retrograde troubles. The new moon can help us to focus on what we want to focus on in the middle of the madness, and get things going.

Taurus is ruler of money, so this can be a good time to improve our money situations that the Mercury retrograde has been messing with. Improve your sense of safety and security, especially in the physical sense, and focus on how you can make things better in your life in a tangible way.

The new moon is trine (positive aspect, four signs away) from transit (moving) Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, so we can have the chance to take control, get some of the power back that’s been stripped away by the retrogrades, and make some changes that may need to be made to make things better. We all want to feel better! And since we all want to feel better, we may be indulging a lot more too. Where’s the cupcakes?

Next, a slightly different perspective from Æternalight Astrology, in this smidgen of an article called, New Moon in Taurus, May 6th – Pagan Poetry.

I believe in the power of Taurus, and I believe this New Moon can be a potent ally to seekers, fighters, practical mystics and visionaries alike. In fact, my plans for this New Moon don’t involve relax and comfort foods at all, and the reason for this is that I have a goal in mind – one I’m willing to wait for and to move towards, the Taurus way: one foot in front of the other, building bit by bit, day after day, ready to fall and face disappointment before I can reach my destination. There is at least one stereotype about Taurus that is not entirely off the mark, and it’s stubbornness. When it comes to pursuing something passionately, actively, zealously, Aries might provide the initial spark, but the endurance, stamina and constancy of Taurus is what you need to sustain you through your journey and make sure you see tangible results, in spite of all the challenges and obstacles. Every New Moon is a cosmic doorway to a fresh start; New Moons allow us to shed old skin, and break ground for new cycles. The start of every lunation marks the ideal time to pursue an emotional and spiritual reboot, to envision our future, to commit to a goal. The questions this New Moon (which, unsurprisingly, receives a tense Quincunx from Rx Saturn) asks are: “How actually committed are you? How long are you willing to wait? How serious are you about this? How badly do you want that? Will you let your lack of self-worth get in the way this time?”

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – this is the last of the Super New Moons (when the moon is closest in its orbit) for 2016, but we still have the Super Full Moons to look forward to in October, November, and December.

Here is the graphic I created for the occasion.

Dark Taurus Moon

Bright Dark/New Moon blessings to all!

Dark Taurus Moon. May 6th 2016 at 3:29pm ET. Taurus is an earth sign, with steadfast, practical, and prosperous energies. This is the last of the 3 Super New Moons of 2016. Magical workings include: planting seeds, new beginnings, groundings, relationship intentions, prosperity, relaxation, perseverance, and sensuality.

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