WW – Dark Aries Moon

In a little over a week, the Dark Aries Moon will arrive. Here are a couple of tidbits about what you can expect, from people who are more well-versed in astrology than yours truly.

First, from The Dark Pixie Astrology, a snippet of an article called, April 2016 New & Full Moons: New Moon in Aries & Full Moon in Scorpio.

…we have a new moon occurring in fire sign Aries on April 7th at 7:24AM ET. Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and full of energy, excited and enthusiastic, and we want to take action. We’re coming out of the March eclipses which are more focused on others, and with this new moon, we can focus on ourselves, our own wants and needs, and what we want to begin and get going with. It can be a time of new beginning, new projects, new ventures, and renewed optimism. Why wait to do tomorrow what you can do today? Why wait to do in an hour what you can do RIGHT NOW!!!

This new moon is trine (positive aspect) transit (moving) Saturn in Sagittarius, so while we have this high energy, we can be more productive with it. We can work on channeling all of this energy into something that has tangible results and is good for us. This new moon is also conjunct (aligned with) transit Uranus in Aries, so we can step outside of our comfort zones and embrace what’s original, different, out of the ordinary. Be extraordinary!

The one kink in the plans is transit Pluto in Capricorn, who squares (hard aspect) this new moon, and we can experience some struggles over power and control, and act a little raging and dominant. Aries can have a temper, and so can Pluto, so let’s try to control ourselves and channel frustrations into something positive to avoid blowing our tops (or inciting any violence).

Then, from Æternalight Astrology, a smidgen of an article called, New Moon in Aries, April 7th, 2016 – Fuel to Fire

Every New Moon is a cosmic doorway to a fresh start; New Moons allow us to shed old skin, and break ground for new cycles. The start of every lunation marks the ideal time to pursue an emotional and spiritual reboot, and this is especially true for a New Moon occurring in the sign of the pioneer, warrior and pathfinder. Raw and impetuous like the new life that must fight and compete to ensure its own survival, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac for a reason; without its proactive, assertive push, there would be no separation from the source. No manifestation. No evolution. No existence. It’s this very same push that initiates us into a brand new phase of self-actualization, urging us to reclaim the Self, to fulfil our individual destinies and to do what it takes to overcome our inner and outer struggles. It’s a primal, visceral, self-centered pulse: Aries, the alpha-beast, comes first and wants to be first, no matter what.

As always, here is the graphic I created for the occasion.

Dark Aries Moon

Dark Aries Moon. April 7th, 2016 at 7:24am ET. Aries is a fire sign, with confident, impulsive, and enthusiastic energies. Magical workings include: new beginnings, transformation, organization, setting goals, establishing boundaries, releasing burdens, manifestation, and putting ideas in motion.

Speaking of graphics, I completely forgot I created this one just before my surgery, as a way of saying goodbye to my fertility while welcoming my croning. Since this is the first Dark Moon after the Solstice, I figured it would be a good time for more releasing. Please feel free to share, if you’d like.

Dark moon release spell

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Ground and center yourself. Light a stick of your favorite incense (I like sandalwood for this), and watch the smoke swirl around you. As you focus on the smoke, give thanks for the thing you are releasing, appreciating the gifts it brought into your life, and acknowledging it’s now time for it to leave. When you feel the time is right say “I release you” three times. End by saying, “As is my will, so mote it be.” Let the incense burn itself out, and sprinkle the ash outside on a bush or tree.

Bright Dark Moon blessings to all!

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