Tarot Tuesday weekly reading for February 5 2019

Happy Tarot Tuesday! I’m back with my free weekly reading – this time, for the week of February 5 2019.

Real quick before we get started – I do things a tiny bit different than others on other social media. If this is the first time you’ve visited one of my Tarot posts, it works something like this –

First, pick a card you are drawn to from the photo below. If more than one speaks to you, go ahead and pick that one too. You can even pick all three!

After you’ve decided on your card or cards, you scroll down the page for photo revealing the card faces, and your message for the upcoming week.

Oh, and don’t be worried if you don’t happen to see this on the exact day. The message will be ready and waiting for you whenever you get here. 😊

I should also mention…


Now, here we go! Here’s the picture of the backs of the cards (and yes, I take a new one every week). Take your time making your choice, and remember you can pick more than one if you feel drawn to…

February 5 2019 New Back


Here’s my spacer/spoiler prevention photo, to make sure you don’t accidentally see the card faces before you’ve made your choice. This week, since the New/Dark Moon happened yesterday, I thought I’d use this quoto I created for the New Moon on Monday back in December 2017, using a photo I’d taken of the crescent moon and a quote I’d found in one of my witchy groups.


New Moon on Monday Quoto


Now it’s message time! Here are the fronts of the cards…

February 5 2019, New Front

…and here are my interpretations for each one…

1. Seven of Pentacles

Just a little patience. You’re frustrated. You’ve spent a great deal of time and energy on a project/lifestyle change/person, and haven’t seen any results yet. You’ve planted the seed, watered it, given it fertilizer. Now comes the hard part – waiting. Be patient and let the earth, sun, and time do their growing thing, and you’ll see results soon enough. Take a tip from Axel, who said, “All we need is just a little patience.”

Tarot Tidbit: The Seven of Pentacles actually hasn’t been seen since July 4th, 2017! Back then, it appeared in the second position.

2. Queen of Swords

Cold hard truth. You’re getting caught up in emotions and speculation, so it’s no wonder you can’t make a decision. Sometimes you need to take a step back to gain some perspective. Try the “just the facts ma’am” approach – look at the situation from a practical, factual point of view, and see if the answer, as unappealing as it might be, appears. When this card shows up, I ask myself, “WWSD (what would Scully do?)” and remind myself that “Sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.

Tarot Tidbit: The Queen of Swords is back again, in the same spot she was in just two weeks ago, on January 22, 2018! Guess she likes her seat here in the middle of the reading.

3. Five of Wands

Little fish meets big pond. You have that thing that you’re really good at, but lately you feel like you’re just one of many people who are good at it too. You’re afraid you don’t stand out from the competition. The bad news is, you’re right. The good news is, all you need to do is to get out there and battle for your spot. Once you’ve joined the fight for supremacy, you’ll get a sense of what you can do to make yourself stand out from all the others. Remind yourself, “in a world of Muggles, be Hermione“. Staying on the sidelines and bemoaning the fact that no one pays attention to you won’t get you the attention you want or deserve. Fight for it!

Tarot Tidbit: The Five of Wands, like the Seven of Pentacles, hasn’t been seen for a while – last time was on June 12th, 2018, in the second position.

Brightest of blessings to you in the week ahead!

Thanks for stopping by!

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