New Pictures from my Wednesday Walk on Monday

Believe it or not, I managed to brave the elements and go for a bit of a Wednesday Walk on Monday with my camera!

Okay, to be fair, I actually drove to the bottom of our long windy driveway, parked, then walked around for three or four minutes taking pictures. Then I drove back up to the top of the driveway, parked, and did the same thing. So technically that makes this a Wednesday drive-walk-drive-walk! 😊

Before I get started, I wanted to take a quick minute and give a shout out to my @steemitbloggers/aka #powerhousecreatives family. Yes, I said family because they’ve become that to me – a crazy, international, inspirational, wicked awesomesauce fam bam! I think this video that @zord189 created early today demonstrates how amazing this community is (and be sure to keep an eye open for the word, “unique” because three guesses who’s face it’s plastered on…LOL!) –

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Okay, I’ll put my pom poms down now, and get on with the pictures… LOL! Oh, and be sure to check out @tattoodjay‘s latest post called Wednesday walk challenge Benches, and Steem Basic Income Give away for more information about his weekly wanderings, as well as some excellent photos of beautiful benches located in some NYC parks.

Now, on to my new shots!

This is the view that greeted me as I walked out onto our front porch…

… the early morning (7:30am) moon…

…and a passing airplane.

See what I mean about the driveway being long and windy?

This ice is from a couple days ago, when it rained a ton followed by wicked cold temps

Why does it feel like the ice is looking back at me? 😊

Frozen forest

This little fella (a red squirrel) was waiting for me at the top of the driveway

Some of those frozen puddles are actually fairly deep

It always amazes me when frozen leaves almost look like they’re melting the ice

As always, the top of the driveway, although this week it was my ending point, not my starting. And now for comparison….

… I took this shot this afternoon, to show how much snow we got overnight.

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  1. Stay warm and safe Traci! I hope the temperature isn’t plummeting to what it is in Chicago. Thanks for all your input on Steemit. After careful consideration I have decided not to go down that trail. I simply don’t have the time nor the energy to kick-off on a new platform and start from scratch with connecting to folk and driving engagement etc. But I wish you all the best with it, for sure! You seem to be doing well on it.

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