Photos from the first week of July 2018

How the hezmana are we already almost halfway through July? I swear two seconds ago, hubby & I were looking forward to watching Pop Goes the Fourth (because we're such party animals), and now it's already (Happy Friday) the 13th! I actually read a post on Steemit yesterday that had a very good hypothesis as... Continue Reading →

Random photos from the first half of June

With everyone going on with my body (and I promise an update post soon - just waiting for the official word on some x-rays), my shutterbugging has taken a backseat. While I still head out with my camera on a mostly-daily basis, I've gotten lazy behind on my resizing/cropping duties, and by extension, my posting.... Continue Reading →

Come to the Steemit Side…We Have Crypto

Imagine that Facebook, WordPress, Reddit, Snapchat, World of Warcraft, and the Stock Market got together one night, had a little too much to drink and did things they regretted in the morning. Then, nine months later, a baby appeared. That kid would be Steemit. This relatively new (March 2016) social network built on a blockchain,... Continue Reading →

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