Baby Owl by night, Momma Owl by day – my entry into @claudiaz #wildanimalcontest

Yesterday on Steemit, I noticed @claudiaz had posted a cool new contest, focusing (HA! See what I did there?) on wild animals (here’s the link if you want to check out the deets for yourself – Photo Fun Contest – Week 22 – “Wild Animals” Photography). I figured given how many critters wander through our yard on a regular basis, it would be easy-peasy to find a subject some time this week.

Last night, just as I was about to hop in the shower, hubby hollered in, “Don’t know if I should tell you or not, babe, but I hear baby owls outside, and they’re close.”

Two seconds later, we were scouring the yard for the source of the screech.

I should mention that one night a few years back, we heard an eerie, high-pitched whistle type noise at the edge of our yard. Long story short, we discovered that when young Barred Owls are out and about, they are constantly checking in with mom and dad, letting them know where they are and that they’re HUNGRY FEED ME NOW!!! patiently waiting for food.

So last night, we heard three baby owls, saw two flying through the trees, then managed to follow one across the yard (through a sea of mosquitoes) and snagged a few shots and one short video.

Baby Owl by night, momma owl by day
This guy/gal finally landed some place we could get a good peek

The flashlight wasn’t as bright as it looks here – ’tis the exposure editing power of PicMonkey…LOL

The video ended up being wicked dark, but I lightened it as much as I could through the online video editor (hence, the watermark) –


After the video, he/she actually flew to a closer tree to check us out!

Then first thing this morning, while I was outside with our dog, I heard a bit of commotion in a tree at the edge of the woods. Next thing I knew, an adult owl flew gracefully overhead, and landed in the tree right in front of us!
At first I thought Momma Owl wanted to check out the person who was pestering her babies the night before

I mean, she did fly slowly overhead, and she looks mildly interested in me and my camera rig

Although her vantage point is a bit…branch covered…

Wait a sec… is she falling asleep?

I think she is!

Wow, she is tired!

I get the feeling momma’s hiding out so she can nap!

Big yawn!

It does seem like a cozy spot to hide out – if you’re an owl

Wait, I think she’s waking up…

Nope, just had an itch.

And then right back to sleep

And here’s a little video of momma snoozing (complete with the dulcet tones of our air conditioner) –


After taking the video, I tried to get a better angle, but she’s really well hidden on that branch

I bet her babies couldn’t spot her either

Okay, momma – you catch as many Zzzs as you can, before the youngsters keep you up all night again


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