Photos from the first week of July 2018

How the hezmana are we already almost halfway through July? I swear two seconds ago, hubby & I were looking forward to watching Pop Goes the Fourth (because we’re such party animals), and now it’s already (Happy Friday) the 13th!

I actually read a post on Steemit yesterday that had a very good hypothesis as to why that happens. Here’s a tiny snippet from @insideoutlet‘s post (but do yourself a favor and go over and read the rest) –

At age 5, when your mum tells you its bedtime in five minutes, you think there is enough time to build a forte and pull every book out of the cupboard because that five minutes represents a much larger percentage of your life.

What do I mean by that? It’s simple at the age of 5, one year represents 20% of your life, at ten one year represents 10% of your life, at 50, that one year represents a sad 2%, and for this reason seems one fifth as long as it did at age ten.

Makes sense, right?

At any rate, now that the second week of July is about done and dusted, here’s a bunch of photos from our Durham, NH yard taken during the first week. Oh, and a little video too, since a butterfly was being anything but camera shy!

A little bit of info about how I took these pictures – as always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (Amazon affiliate links – thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something…LOL). I used the Auto Mode setting, and the differences in color and such are due to changes in zoom and exposure. I typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step. Then I reduced the pictures (usually 20-25%), and sometimes given them a tweak or two via PicMonkey, et voilà!

Hope you enjoy!

Photos from the first week of July 2018
If a witch vapes in the forest, will she see a ghost? LOL!

This little fella – a Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) butterfly – was too busy eating to worry about the paparazzi.

Posing pretty on a Thin-leaved Sunflower

The slightly blurry close-up crop of the previous photo that I used to ID him.

I wonder what happens to that long tongue when he’s done eating…?

That answers my question! Wicked cool!

Moving on to the Sundrop flowers (also called Narrowleaf Evening Primrose).

Then back to the Sunflowers.

I also grabbed a short (20 seconds) video of him –


This variety of Daylily is called (I believe) Happy Returns

Storm clouds moving in on the 3rd

At least they’re kinda pretty

Another shot of the Robin who posed for me on the 4th

And another shot of the cardinal from the 4th

Moon in the morning on the 5th – third quarter minus one day

A Common Whitetail dragonfly dropped by to say “hi”

Moon in the morning on the 7th – third quarter plus one day

Peeking over the trees

A Lemon Yellow Daylily

I think this is possibly a Wilson Spider Daylily

And tons of Original Orange Daylilies

When hubby was doing some work on the porch, a Orange Meadowhawk Dragonfly dropped in to supervise


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