Random photos from the first half of June

With everyone going on with my body (and I promise an update post soon – just waiting for the official word on some x-rays), my shutterbugging has taken a backseat. While I still head out with my camera on a mostly-daily basis, I’ve gotten lazy behind on my resizing/cropping duties, and by extension, my posting.

Today, I thought I’d go through my snaps for the first two weeks of this month, pick some that caught my eye, and use them for this post. Oh, and please cross your fingers for me – I got a few almost-full moon shots last night, but the skies are supposed to be cloudy tonight and tomorrow night. So hoping to get some more shots of La Luna!

So here they are, in the order I took them. Hope you enjoy!

Random photos from the first half of June
Lemon Clover (aka Yellow Wood Sorrel) at the edge of our yard
Dandelion in the process of making wishes
One of the many reasons I love this property – so many groupings of granite rocks. This one is at the end of our driveway.
A rare (these days) visit from one of my crow friends.
Red clover near the rhubarb patch
Spiderwort – such a strange (and slightly icky) name for such a beautiful flower!
Storm clouds approaching
Phoebe hanging out on our back deck, having a snack
Not a great shot, but you can just make out that she’s munching on a wasp! Yikes!
Our landlady’s rose bush
Spiderwort and roses
This is the next phase of the Jack-in-the-pulpit flower.
All looks peaceful with Sid and Sandy, even though if you look closely, you’ll see Sid (our cat) has a couple of Sandy’s toys!
White clouds, blue sky


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  1. Lovely. We’re mostly not having clouds at the moment. It’s unusual and slightly wearing. If we see blue skies instead of grey skies, we start to get twitchy.

    1. Funny – we seem to be having more than our fair share of clouds lately. Looks like your weather has traveled across the pond – I’ll see what I can do about sending it back.

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