More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos – Aunt Mary and Mom

I’m back again, just like last Thursday and the Thursday before that (with a few Sentimental Saturdays and Sundays for good measure!) with more Thirteen Throwback Thursday photos! These are scans of old school photos from my Mom and Aunt Mary’s side of the family.

In fact, since I’m gathering such a number of these posts, I decided to include a list each time, to help keep track. I’m starting with just the posts I’ve done this month, but I’ll eventually expand it to all the different scans of family photos I’ve done over the years.

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Oh, and as I said before…

Over the years, I’ve made attempts off and on to scan & cleanup some of the bazillion old school photographs I have stored in a bankers boxes in our upstairs hall. Earlier today I realized it’s been a while, so I thought I’d do another batch, and turn it into a Throwback Thursday post. I decided to go with the box labelled, “Mom and Aunt Mary” since they’re both (like so many of us) staying at home and I figured they might enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

To narrow it down a bit further, I decided to pick thirteen (because that makes for a nice, alliterative title), and then separated the color photos out and went with the monochrome shots. I tried not to overthink it, and just grab mainly the first ones I grabbed. I say mainly because a couple were of people and places I didn’t even recognize – that’s what happens when you have four (maternal grandmother, my parents, mine, and my husband’s) photo collections all living together. 😊

I don’t have much info on these other than the obvious (pictures of Mom and Aunt Mary…lol). The large majority of these were taken in Gloucester, Massachusetts with a couple that I believe are from a vacation somewhere in New Hampshire. I tried to clean these up a bit without making them look over-processed. I hope you enjoy!

Now for more Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos of Mom and Aunt Mary Faye!


More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
1. Aunt Mary (standing on the left) with mom sitting behind her. Not sure about the other three girls

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
2. The little girl that was standing with Aunt Mary in the previous shot

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
3. At first I thought this was a different angle of a baby carriage shot from April 9th, but after I scanned it, I realized it was a different baby and yard. Not sure who it is now! LOL!

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
4. Mom standing, second from left – Aunt Mary kneeling on the right.

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
5. Mom far right, Aunt Mary far left with their friends the twins (Jean and Joan) in the middle.

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
6. Aunt Mary left, Mom right.

More Thirteen Throwback Thursday Photos - Aunt Mary and Mom
7. I’m not sure if the Long Beach Dairy Maid was around at this time (no date on this photo, and it opened in 1958), but it sure looks like it. Oh, and the girl in the center (skirt & white shirt) is my Nana Souza (mother to my mother and Aunt Mary).

8. Sisterly love – the back says “5/30/41.”

9. Aunt Mary on the right with a friend

10. Mom on the right with a friend.

11. Again, before I scanned this, I thought it was another photo of my Aunt Mary doing gymnastics in the backyard (there are many of her and my mother). But now I’m not sure it’s her or a friend.

13. I had to include this picture of me – no, not just because my daughters will be amused to see me all in pink (even my slippers), but because my youngest has this footstool in her room.

12. Nice group photo, but I only recognize my mother (tallest girl in the back) and my aunt (next to her). Some of their cousins, maybe?




Hope you enjoyed these Throwback Thursday photos! I still plan to do a post at some point, explaining how I scan and edit these (fairly straightforward, but I’ve had some requests to detail it), so please stay tuned!

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  1. What I find so interesting about these group shots with unidentified faces is that they force the generations beneath them to contemplate that they had a whole life, a coterie of friendships and rivalries that we are completely unaware of about them. It lends itself to thinking that there are secret corners of our elder’s lives, parts of their biography that have been excised or ellided.

    1. What a lovely & lyrical way of describing it, Bee! And I agree, which is part of the reason why I’m doing this, in the hopes of getting some glimpses into those corners via my mother and aunt.

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