For a #SentimentalSunday – Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary… until #ThrowbackThursday!

Yep, just as I warned promised yesterday, I’m back today with a #SentimentalSunday post, featuring the last batch of photos of my Mom and Aunt Mary… at least until I can get some more scanned & edited for a #ThrowbackThursday post later this week! I figure over the next few days I’ll spend a little time getting together as many as possible, and do one larger post instead of many smaller ones.

So just like my last couple of installments, these are all from the bankers boxes in our upstairs hall labelled, “Mom and Aunt Mary” and feature childhood shots of them and my maternal grandparents, Nana (Genevieve) and Grampy (Robert) Souza. They were all taken either in Gloucester, Ma or during vacations in New Hampshire. And while I did do some light editing, I tried not to do too much, in the hopes of keeping the old school print photo vibe.

Oh, and that reminds me – for my next post, I’m planning to include a little bit about my process in scanning & editing these gems from my multi-family/multi-generational collection of old school photographs. It’s not really complicated, but I’m sure I can manage to make it sound that way! 😂

Last thing – as I get more information about each shot from my family, I’m going through and updating the captions. For example, the glamorous lady in yesterday’s post was, according to both my mother and aunt, my Great Aunt Ella, mom to my Cousin Paul (who I knew as Uncle Paul because he was closer in age to my mother & aunt) and my Cousin Peggy (who I never met, but I’ve heard a great deal about). Apparently, Ella used to visit from New York and for a bit of fun, would get all dressed up like that to go out for fried clams, which she would then eat while sitting in the car.

Now here’s the last batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary… until #ThrowbackThursday, that is!


Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary
1. My mother, again as a toddler – I continually find it amazing how easy it is to recognize her beautiful face even this young. She hasn’t changed much over the years. ❤️

Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary
2. My Aunt Mary Faye standing at the far right.

Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary
2b. The back of the photo says, “Gardiner Perry, Nancy Gorman,
Mary Faye, Jean A, Joan A, Sheral B”

Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary
3. Fairly certain this is Ozzie, my grandparents beagle.

Last Batch Of Mom and Aunt Mary
4. I believe this is Grampy Souza’s mother on the far left, with his two sisters (Arlene on the right, can’t remember the other sister’s name in the middle).

5. Aunt Mary in front of a Boating office, I’m guessing while on vacation in New Hampshire.

6. Aunt Mary, more than a few years before the boating picture, with her doll carriage. Just like my mother, I swear her beautiful face has barely changed over the years ❤️, and it’s wicked cool how the both of them remind me of my own girls.

7. Grampy and mom, in her nursing school uniform.

8. And since today happens to be one of my sister’s birthdays, I thought it would be cool to include this shot of Grampy with her in her high school graduation gown, in the same living room and only a few feet away from the previous shot. Oh, and happy birthday Laurie!


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