A Wednesday Walk with Freddie on April 14th 2020

I realized the other day that I haven’t done a Wednesday Walk post since last year! So I decided yesterday, after many days of blustery spring weather, that it was high time I took a stroll around the yard with my camera. First I took Sandy out for his morning constitutional, then I came back in for my Nikon. Freddie was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs and made such a pitiful mewing noise that I figured – why not bring him along again, like I did back in August? So today I have 15 pictures and one short video, of my Wednesday Walk with Freddie on April 14th 2020!

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Oh, last thing – I’ve been playing around with the colors & design of my thumbnail, but I’m not completely happy with it yet. Don’t be surprised if it changes a bazillion times over few more times in coming days. 😂

Now, on to A Wednesday Walk with Freddie on April 14th 2020!


1. After I put his harness on and opened the kitchen door, Freddie marched straight out to the grass and started sniffing.

2. I knew what he was looking for, so I carried him out back, and put him down near where the chipmunks have been hanging out looking for nest material. He spent a long time sniffing & digging around here!

3. I finally convinced him to walk across the yard to the woods.

4. We immediately heard the chippies yelling at us from the rocks!

5. Freddie pretending he doesn’t care about them…lol!

6. After a bit, he decided to sharpen some of his forty thousand (he’s double pawed) claws…

7. … then he decided it was time for a climb!

8. Even though he had plenty of leash, this is as far as he got before…

9. … he turned around and hopped back down.

10. He contemplated a nearby shagbark hickory tree as well, but thought better of it! Don’t blame him – those long strips of bark must be hard to climb!


Here’s the short video – Freddie started sniffing the ground intently again, before deciding to head down into the woods. Given my naturally tippy (notice I didn’t say tipsy…lol) nature, I stopped recording after a couple of steps. Although a video of me rolling down the hill while holding a cat on a leash might be worth a spot on America’s Funniest Videos – maybe I should try it some time! 🤣


11. A little further into the woods, Freddie found a great piece of deadwood to sharpen his claws some more.

12. Something caught his attention – two seconds after I took this, his tail bushed out even more, then….

13. … he ran over to the tree in front of me….

14. …and climbed as fast as he could! He didn’t resist in the slightest when I pulled him down and plopped him on my left shoulder (his favorite way to be carried is slung over someone’s shoulder).

15. In fact, he purred (which made me smile) the whole way back through the woods and into the house. Needless to say, he took a good long nap after his adventure!


Happy walking & see you next week!

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  1. Can you answer my curious question. Is the cat leash to keep Freddie safe? Or is the cat leash to keep the wildlife safe from Freddie? Enquiring minds wish to know…

    1. Certainly! The leash thing actually started back in 2012, when we (me, hubby, three kids, our then dog Eddie and our cat Sid) were living at a local campground (with plans to visit the country that didn’t pan out). We were told that since Sid was making a point of using a neighbor’s garden as his bathroom-of-choice, we either had to keep him in our 30 foot camper with a litter box, or take him out on leash.

      Amazingly enough, in very short order (like a matter of days, if I recall correctly) Sid was happy to meow at the door a few times a day to go out to do his business. And being on lead didn’t slow the mighty hunter down – more than a few times that I had him out, he managed to snag one of the many chipmunks in the neighborhood!

      When we were checking out the place we currently rent, with multiple garden patches, we assured our landlords that Sid would never go out on his own. Our landlady agreed that it was a good idea not only for the gardens, but for the predators on the property (like coyotes, weasels, hawks, and bears). They started keeping their cats inside for their safety years ago.

      One of our biggest concerns when Freddie arrived at our doorstep was figuring out if he would be able to tolerate becoming an indoor cat with a littler box (for the past couple of years, now that Sid is an elderly gent, he prefers to do his thing inside, with an occasional stroll out just to sniff around). He adjusted so amazingly well that I decided to try the harness thing with him too. While he doesn’t show any interest in going outside on a regular schedule like our dog does (and Sid used to), he does enjoy walking around the yard and (other than the first time he wore it) hasn’t tried to escape from the harness yet.

      And that’s the short answer.

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