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A strange thing happened to me last week. As I worked on my Witchy Wednesday post, I noticed a steady uptick in my site views. By noon, I was convinced I’d been “attacked” by some new, intelligent spam bots that could mimic human interaction as they clicked through my pages. Around 10pm-ish, I checked my email, and found the following in the Dreamhost (my amazing web hosting company – I’ve written about them before here and here) monthly newsletter for December 2015.

Dreamhost Site of the Month

I was so excited about it, I put together my own web badge (aka, blog bling) for my widget section –

Dreamhost SOTB badge 2

Then I found out there’s apparently a limo involved in all this!

So, hello and welcome to my new Dreamhost friends! I hope you enjoy your stay – I’ve put on a fresh pot of coffee, and there’s a new batch of cyber chocolate chip cookies on the counter. Please, help yourselves, and be sure to shout out if there’s anything I can do to for you.

Dreamhost Site of the Month #MicroblogMondays
“Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is?
Read the inaugural post which explains
the idea and how you can participate too.”
~ Melissa S. Ford, Stirrup Queens

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    1. Thanks, Em. One of the reasons I love this company so much is their sense of humor, and accessibility to their customers. But their limo service needs work… *grin*

    1. LOL! I use the phrase, “awesomesauce” all the time, but I don’t run into many other people who do. So thanks for your comment – it was wicked awesomesauce! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you so much, Cristy! Today, the Dreamhost SOTM – tomorrow, the Oscars! Well, since I haven’t done anything worthy of Oscar consideration, maybe the day after tomorrow… *grin*

  1. Congratulations — what a wonderful honor to start the new year with! Very well-deserved. (A limo that looks like a mail truck would be a great idea, actually…you could get in and out without the pesky inconvenience of opening any doors…)

    1. Hey, that’s an excellent point, Jess! Maybe I should give up the glamorous life of a writer, and start my own mail truck limo service… hmmm… *grin* Oh, and thank you!

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