Making it official – I’m leaving #Steem and going to the #Hive blockchain

Yes, after three and a half years of blogging on the Steem blockchain, I’m officially leaving #Steem and heading to the new sister chain, called #Hive, which is rising from the inevitable ashes of Steem a truly decentralized blockchain! While nothing will change as far as what my WordPress & non-crypto readers will see for posts (since I’m still blogging on my self-hosted blog as usual) this will change how you can view the crypto earning versions of my posts.

And seriously, between everything going on in my 3D life, as well as in our #Steem home, my current state of mind is…


Quick life update first

I’ve been sick since Friday – swollen glands, sore throat, general aches & pains. Hubby called my doctor that afternoon (I was also having a bad Essential Tremor episode so I couldn’t speak without stuttering almost incomprehensibly, which usually makes me laugh at how ridiculous I sound while also crying at how ridiculous I sound… but I digress…🤣 ) and they had him bring me straight into the office. Long story short, I’m not sick enough/the right kind of sick to get tested for the Corona virus. I did get tested for strep throat (which is actually what I thought this was), which was negative, and I’m to call the E.R. if my symptoms get worse (which thankfully they haven’t).

One of the silver linings of all the #SteemHostileTakeOver furor in recent days is that it was a welcome distraction from how I’ve been feeling & all the other…stuff… going on. As a result, I’ve been listening to all kinds of conversations on Discord, reading tons of blog posts, and continuing to flood Twitter with ALL THE HASH TAGS!


There are many people putting out amazeballs posts (like Bluffer’s Guide to Steem/Hive – Witnesses, Governance & Forks by @nickyhavey & HIVE NEWS @ 18 March 2020 – A new News Service for a new Chain by @pennsif), so it didn’t make sense to me to do another. Instead, I’ll just share some of my personal thoughts/observations about this whole thing…

Okay, I just deleted a whole bunch of words, because I wanted to keep this short & sweet as brief as possible (as yes, this is me being brief…lol!). So, here are some random & relatively short points I wanted to make instead (and this is NOT advice, financial or otherwise)…

Thoughts on leaving

~ I don’t think @justinsunsteemit ever had any intention of doing anything with his purchase, other than flipping it as quick as possible for as much money as possible.

~ All of Justin’s actions prior to the Hive announcement pointed towards a quick end game. My gut tells me he’s going to push through a quick hard fork that (if it doesn’t break the blockchain completely, which it most certainly will since his devs are unfamiliar with the process) will allow the exchanges (and just the exchanges) to reclaim the custodial stake (their customer’s Steem used to powerup Justin’s sock puppet witnesses) so they can all dump it fast.

~ @theycallmedan, while he is supporting the #Hive blockchain, is still “Ride or Die Steem” and is not giving up the fight. I admire that he is a man of his word and will not walk away from Steem until there’s nothing left to walk away from. Again, my gut tells me that day is coming sooner, rather than later.

~ Many Steemians and a large majority of the Dapps have declared they’re either moving to Hive, or using both (especially in the beginning).

~ However, according a @howo in the #SteemPress Discord they are, “still in discussion which chain we’ll support.” I will be extremely bummed if they don’t decide to head to Hive, but I will respect their decision & support them in any way I can going forward, much as @fredrikaa, @howo, and @steempress have supported me & my blog in the past.

~ I don’t see this as simply leaving Steem. After everything I’ve seen & heard in recent days, I view this as showing my vote of no confidence in the current Steem governance, where all the sock puppet witnesses are systematically being replaced by people who agree in no uncertain terms to run things exactly the way Justin Sun dictates. And as I said in my post last November, Why I left the PowerHouseCreatives community

I’m not the type of person to burn down a house to get rid of a spider.

However, this isn’t a spider – this is an infestation of bots, scammers, and sock puppets. I can’t see any version of this story that ends with Steem being truly decentralized. Since Hive is leaving behind the Steemit genesis/ninja mined stake that is the fuel for Justin’s hostile takeover (it is one of the few things not being ported over to the new chain), I have high hopes that this community is now poised for great things.


h/t to the Tron GirlBear Telegram sticker announcement on Twitter

~ If you want to switch over to the Hive blockchain when it goes live (Friday March 20th 2020 at 10am EDT/2pm UTC), all you need to do is log into the official front end with your current Steem keys/passwords. You can actually log in and use the front end now at (although expect it to crash periodically as it’s still being worked on & isn’t officially online yet) – for the moment, anything you do on this front end is pointed towards the Steem blockchain, but when it launches everything will then be stored on the Hive blockchain.

~ The moment Hive launches, it will create an exact duplicate of your Steem posts (without question), your photos (still being worked on but should be finished in time), and your Steem wallet (without question). From that moment forward, if you use a Steem front end (like Steemit), your work & earnings will still be on the Steem blockchain. If you use a Hive front end, your work & earnings will now be on the Hive blockchain.

~ The long & short – you will still have your Steem, Steem Power, and SBD in your Steem wallet PLUS you will get an automatic air drop from Hive with the corresponding amounts of Hive, Hive Power, and HBD (although I don’t know for certain those are the designations) in your new Hive wallet.

~ Hive already has the support of some exchanges, most notably Ionomy, the first to step forward and Huobi – yes, one of the exchanges that Justin misled in order to get Steem to power his sock puppets. Ciara Sun tweeted about it earlier today, saying, “We will support the #STEEM hard fork, and the #HIVE airdrop for Huobi’s STEEM customers. Kept my promise of “talking to the community first before making a decision” 😉 Good night 🌙”

~ Oh, and if you’re looking for Hive blog bling, they shared this earlier today – Brand Guidelines with fonts, color codes, and logos

Yes, this was the short version of me leaving Steem…🤣

I think that’s enough from me for now, but please feel free to shout out and ask me any questions. While I obviously don’t have all the answers (and I’m still working on understanding some of them…lol) I do have a pretty good handle on where to go and who to ask to find out. And feel free to tag me on Twitter (@TraciYorkWriter) if you’d like me to RT anything – something tells me I’ll be spending more time there for the foreseeable future. 😌

I haven’t left the house since I got back from the doctor’s office Friday, and I have no plans to be leaving any time soon (so at least some things haven’t changed…lol!). We’re managing as best as possible given all the circumstances (story for another day), and I trying to stay focused on the positive. And I definitely see the Hive Blockchain being a positive thing.




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  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    Impressive that you can, even at an ebb, understand all this SteemStuff. Although anything to do with a Hive is bound to be good. 😉

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