Introducing Hive Blog Posting Month (aka #HiveBloPoMo)!

Last year, I got the idea to up my blogging game yet again (as I did back in November 2014) by putting together a daily blog post tag with a crypto twist – hence, the #SteemBloPoMo tag (and now renamed Twitter account) were born! This year, I started planning way in advance for a second round, but as the time drew closer, the drama on the Steem Blockchain made me rethink the timing. I considered waiting until the more traditional NaBloPoMo/National Blog Posting Month (sister to NaNoWriMo/National Novel Writing Month) timeframe in November. But now that the cyber dust has settled & I’m happily ensconced in the new and way more awesomesauce Hive Blockchain (and not to mention so many people find themselves with extra time on their hands), I decided to go ahead with it for April – so without further ado, welcome to Hive Blog Posting Month!

And while I’m obviously focusing on doing daily posts for my crypo-earning blog, I don’t want to leave my WordPress friends out in the cold, so if anyone wants to jump in with the #NaBloPoMo tag instead, go for it! I’ll be keeping an eye on my Twitter for both tags, and will retweet them through my relevant accounts – my personal Twitter for WP, and the Hive posts on @HiveBloPoMo.

Okay, I’m in! What will I win if I complete the #HiveBloPoMo challenge?

As the tagline in my graphic says, this is how it all breaks down –

  • Post daily on the Hive Blockchain for the month of April 2020
  • Win the amazeballs feeling of having 30 new posts earning crypto on the Hive blockchain!

And a slight switchup for my non-crypto friends –

  • Post daily on your blog for the month of April 2020
  • Win the amazeballs feeling of having 30 new posts getting attention & boosting your SEO on the interwebz!

Is that it?

You mean that’s not enough? 🤣

Okay, while I’d like to focus on this being more of a personal challenge, rather than winning Lambo amounts of coin, I can sweeten the challenge a teensy bit. I’ll be curating the #HiveBloPoMo tag through the newly created (to replace the old Steem version I created four months ago, but never got the chance to use because of the #SteemHostileTakeOver), and there might be a small @TipU tip here and there. I’m also planning to do a weekly curation post for some or all (depending on the participation) to help get extra blockchain eyes on people’s posts.

How can you come up with 30 different ideas for posts?

Last year, I decided to keep it simple, and just use my favorite WordPress to Blockchain plugin called @SteemPress. While I’m wicked excited that the plugin already migrated to the #Hive Blockchain (and is going through some obviously needed rebranding) I thought I’d change things up a bit, to help me explore more my new crypto space. So some of my posts will be my usual photography, Tarot card kinds of things done in my usual way, then I’m also going to try posting through apps like @esteemapp and @steempeak (the latter of which I’ve used a few times now, and I’m looking forward to downloading the former on my phone), possibly rebooting my, “Ask A Witch” series for an episode or two on @threespeak, and maybe do a post about my crypto investing experiences through the LeoFinance frontend. And of course, I’ll be peeking at @mariannewest ‘s daily awesome writing prompts through the @freewritehouse community. Anything that gets posted to the blockchain first, I’ll simply copy pasta over here, so I can hit the number 30 on both blogs.

Oh, and I might do some writing prompt/blog topic suggestions for a weekly post, along with the curation post, on the official Hive account, if there’s enough interest in it.

Alrighty, let’s get this #HiveBloPoMo party started!

So starting tomorrow, April 1st 2020, use the tag #HiveBloPoMo on your blockchain posts (or #NaBloPoMo for non-crypto blog posts) and let’s see if together we can grow our blogs over the next month.

Happy #HiveBloPoMo-ing!


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