FF – I heart New Years

Actually, to be more precise, I love new beginnings. If I had to create a Facebook status for my relationship with New Years, it would be, "It's complicated." I touched upon the reason in an old post, so in the spirit (that permeates this time of year) of leaving the past behind, I won't rehash... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Christmas

I grew up Catholic, so Christmas has a special place in my heart. After hubby and I converted to Wicca back in '91, we still continued to celebrate a secular version of the holiday. In fact, it grew more special to me after researching and discovering the history and symbolism of so many of the... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart the Fourth of July

Three things I'm a fan of this Fourth of July holiday weekend - Fishtown Horribles Parade My dad, way back in the day, used to park his pickup truck on Stacy Boulevard the night before the parade (July 2nd), and on more than one occasion, walked the three and a half miles to our home... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart The X-Files

They're baa-aack... And yes, technically Carol Anne and crew are also back (although our favorite spooky child is now named Madison), but I'm talking about the spectacular spookiness that launched a thousand 'shippers. The X-Files. https://twitter.com/gilliana/status/580418104011972609 Hubby and I started watching from the very beginning, way back a gazillion years ago in 1993. We're definitely... Continue Reading →

MM – Happy birthday baby

Happy birthday baby! Fifteen years ago today, our youngest arrived - This is the most recent picture of her, taken a few minutes ago, as she and her older sister got ready to head out for some birthday shopping - I know it sound cliche, but I'd swear those two photos were taken about five... Continue Reading →

MM – Mixed emotions

I have a major case of mixed emotions. December and the accompanying holiday season has been a time of joy and sadness for me since 2001. That year, within a two week span, I lost my maternal grandmother and my father. Some years it hits me hard, and it's a struggle to maintain a cheerful... Continue Reading →

FF – I heart Santa

In about seven months, I'll hit the half century mark of my time on this planet. And yes, I most definitely still believe in Santa Claus. Santa and I have been buds for a long time. Just before I hit the years ending in "teen," I realized there was a great deal of similarity between... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday Christmas

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm making a concerted effort to take care of those projects I've been meaning to get around to. One of those projects is to turn the four or five plastic storage boxes of family photos into an online collection. To that end, hubby set me up with an external hard... Continue Reading →

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