#FeatheredFriends Friday – a visit from my crows yesterday

Yesterday I was hanging out in my bedroom on my computer when Freddie started making the creepy cool, “kree kree” noise he makes (similar to the cats in this video) when he sees cute little creatures outside that he wants to hunt. He seemed more agitated than usual, and just as I was standing up to check, I heard a familiar, “caw… caw… caw…” nearby and realized I was finally getting a visit from my crows, after not seeing them around for ages!

I know part of the reason they’ve been scarce is that I’ve stopped leaving tons of treats out on a regular basis. We’ve had a number of bear sightings in our neighborhood in recent years, so I’ve been a bit more frugal with the food. While I’ve heard the crows calling here and there, it hasn’t been like when they spoiled me in years past. And since it was still drizzling rain out, I couldn’t head outside to get any shots so I’m not sure if it was Angel (the crow who doesn’t mind me being outside) and his friends, but there were at least five that I saw who found the pieces of raisin toast I’d tossed out the day before and were having a happy feast.

I’m sure it’s helped that in the past few weeks, I’ve occasionally put out a peanut butter & jelly sandwich or two leftover from hubby’s work lunch. I’m guessing by the visit that they’ve noticed I’m trying to bribe them to be friends again re-establish a connection . And as @free-reign can attest to, with the crows that visit him, peanut butter is a crowd pleaser!

Also speaking of friends with feathers, be sure to check out @Melinda010100‘s #FeatheredFriends on the Hive blockchain for more feathered friend awesomeness!

Now for a Feathered Friends visit from my crows yesterday, April 30th 2020

a visit from my crows yesterday
1. When I first peeked out the window, there were three crows flying around through the trees, while a couple settled in on the branches. However thanks to the rainy weather & the dirty window filter, all of the “action” shots were blurry blobs. This was the best of them – one crow sitting up top, and one on the bottom right.

a visit from my crows yesterday
2. I managed to zoom in on the guy on the bottom right, just before he decided to hop down to the ground.

a visit from my crows yesterday
3. Two of the black thingys at the top of the picture are crows, who didn’t seem to mind Freddie hanging out in the window watching them.

a visit from my crows yesterday
4. A bit of a better view – one second before I snapped this, there were three hanging out.

a visit from my crows yesterday
5. Not the greatest shot, but I suspect this guy might be Angel, as he kept looking at me snapping pictures, and didn’t seem to mind. I also think this was the one who was hollering to get my attention…

6. … and given how excited he was about the raisin bread…

7…. and how gleefully he stuffed his beak with it…

8. … while checking to make sure I was getting his “good” side…LOL!

9. Yeah, this ham of a crow definitely has Angel vibes!

10. After he took off with his prize, the others soon followed suit. Hopefully they make a habit of this!


Hope you enjoyed the visit from my crows, and happy Friday! Oh, and for my friends on the Hive blockchain, a much belated reminder that today was #HIVE-PUD-INTL Day (check out @streetstyle‘s post HERE for more info). If it’s still May 1st where you are, you still have time to power up and show your support for the blockchain we love! Happy #Hive-PUD (Power Up Day)!

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