WW – Dark Scorpio Moon

A week from today, Wednesday November 11th at 12:47pm EST the Dark Scorpio Moon arrives (also known as the New Moon in Scorpio).

According to the site, Cafe Astrology, the Dark Scorpio Moon is a good time for –

taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things.

I plan to set up some kind of ritual on the 11th to help me say goodbye to my Mother years, and welcome my Crone. 19 days later, I’ll be going in for a hysterectomy, so it seems like the perfect time, of the perfect month (this being the time of Hecate) to welcome this new chapter of my life.

Here is the graphic I created for the Dark Moon:

Dark Scorpio Moon

Also, wanted to take a moment to say, Happy birthday, Hon! My husband is spending his birthday down in Boston at the House of Blues with our kidlets. I couldn’t go, because of issues relating to my upcoming surgery, but we’re planning another family outing as soon as I’ve healed.

Bright Dark Moon Blessings!

Dark moon in Scorpio. November 11th at 12:47pm EST. Scorpio is a water sign with intense, passionate and perceptive energies. Magical workings include: new projects, power, secrets, relationships (especially lovers), prosperity, and transformations at a fundamental level.

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