WW – Dark Pisces Moon and Solar Eclipse

Next week, not only do we have a Dark Pisces Moon (also known as the New Pisces Moon), but we also get a Solar Eclipse. Oh, and since this new /dark moon is at the closest point to Earth during its monthly trip around the block (called the perigee) it also qualifies as a Supermoon, the first of the three for 2016 (April and May also have Super New Moons). Because my astrological skills are wicked rusty, I once again turned to the interwebz to see what this all entails.

First up, some info about the New / Dark Pisces Moon from an Astrology blog called CELESTIAL SPACE, written by Dipali Desai. The full article, Overview: Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces – March 8th, 2016 has tons of great information, so after you read these two tidbits, head on over and check it out –

One key during the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces is “Beingness.” Pisces is a more private quiet astrological sign. It tends to dwell in its sacred sanctuary seeking inspiration and desiring to feel the nuances. The New Moon in Pisces tends to invite you to do the same. Find your sacred sanctuary and renew yourself fully now. Then you will be able to take action and bring the beauty, gentleness and compassion into the physical world.

Although this particular New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces may not feel as light and joyful, there are some serious opportunities for new beginnings to remove what is inhibiting joy and happiness and ensure that those qualities expand and grow over the next twelve months as this Solar Eclipse energy and symbolism unfold within consciousness.

Since this New Moon in Pisces is also combined with the potency of a Total Solar Eclipse, there may be super-energized ultra sensitivity being experienced during this time.

Speaking of the Solar Eclipse, there’s some great information put together by Patti Wigington, the Paganism/Wicca Expert over at About.com. Be sure to check out the full article, Solar Eclipse Magic & Folklore because she has even more information and links than what I’ve shared below. So, without further ado, here’s a brief snippet –

In many belief systems, a solar eclipse is considered a sort of magical bonus round – this means that any workings you do during this period will have a lot of extra energy behind them. If there’s a working you’d like to do that seems like a bit of a challenge, try it during an eclipse, and see if it gives you the boost you need. There are a few magical traditions that believe only a very experienced magical practitioner should attempt a working during an eclipse, because of the levels of power and energy.

In general, if you’re not part of one of these traditions, it’s safe to use your own best judgment.

Some people associate the eclipse not only with destruction but with rebirth – there are some legends that seeds planted during a solar eclipse will blossom sooner and healthier than their counterparts planted at other times.

If you’re someone who follows astrology, there’s a theory that a solar eclipse that takes place during a new moon phase is a good time to perform workings related to love magic.

After all that research, these are the graphics I created for the occasion. I used a picture of one of my pieces of Obsidian to stand in for the Dark Moon, and a picture of a cloud covered sun from this past January to stand in for the Solar Eclipse.

2. March 2016 - Dark Pisces Moon

Dark Pisces Moon. March 8, 2016 at 8:54pm, EST. Pisces is a water sign, with compassionate, imaginative, and intuitive energies. Magical workings include: imagination and fantasy, nourishing ourselves, inspiration and dreams, new beginnings, divination, intuition, re-evaluation of desires and goals.

***UPDATE*** March 7th, 2016

A reader (*waves hello to pathofstars) wrote in to let me know – “Solar eclipses always happen on the new moon. Just as lunar eclipses can only happen on the full moon. So the timing is right on the moon phase, whether solar or lunar.”

The graphic I originally created listed it as happening 12 hours later. My bad! Many thanks, illustr8d, for the correction. Here’s the updated graphic –

March 8 2016 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse. March 8, 2016 at 8:54pm, EST. A Solar Eclipse supercharges magical workings. It’s a good time for time for spells involving transformation, release, and love.

Bright Dark Pisces Moon and Solar Eclipse blessings to all!

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