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On Monday, February 8th, the Dark Aquarius Moon arrives. Here’s a snippet of information from one of the websites I used to create my graphic –

From Cafe Astrology

On Monday morning, a New Moon occurs, marking the beginning of a new cycle. In the sign of Aquarius, friendship, brotherhood, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, humanitarian efforts, or joining a group will be a strong focus on a personal level. New beginnings regarding all of these matters are possible now.

This is a time during which we should solve problems that require thinking “outside of the box”; look to the future with a brand new, positive, and hopeful vision; brainstorm and socialize; focus on extending a friendly hand, receiving support, and expressing platonic love for those around us; give our emotions and passions a “break”, as we develop more objectivity and some detachment from past haunts; learn how something (or someone) works; revitalize ourselves through experiences that are new or simply different; reach out to people in our social circle and in our community, and recognize the value of our friendships and social networks; recognize that some level of detachment and distancing ourselves from our habits and attachment to the past will help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back. With this potent Aquarius energy, we have the chance to make progressive changes in our lives. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters.

This New Moon’s square to Mars emphasizes the impulsive energy of a New Moon. However, we have the opportunity to come up with very workable ideas that are also innovative.

Here’s my graphic for the Dark Aquarius Moon. Bright Dark / New Moon Blessings!
Dark Aquarius Moon

Dark Aquarius Moon. February 8, 2016 at 9:39am, EST. Aquarius is an air sign, with intellectual, thoughtful, and independent energies. Magical workings include: problem solving, new beginnings, freedom, friendship, innovation. Pictured: Obsidian sphere, representing the dark moon, sitting on a granite stone.

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