Witchcraft 101 – The Freezer Spell

Before I get started, just let me be clear – yes, I know that there are those people within the pagan community who feel spells like this Freezer Spell (binding someone or something against doing you harm) are BIG BAD DON’T DO IT KARMA KARMA KARMA THREE-FOLD LAW DON’T DOOOO ITTTTT types of magic. In fact, during my first years studying the craft, I felt exactly the same way. Now that I’m older and crankier wiser, I’ve moved from Wicca to eclectic witchcraft, and these types of workings don’t bother me anymore.


That being said, I’m also not saying you should do spells like this if it goes against the tenets of your practice. As I point out every week on my Tarot Tuesday posts (slightly reworded for the occasion) –


Now, a bit about the freezer spell. There are nineteen bazillion varieties of this binding spell on the interwebz, so I am definitely not claiming to have been the person who created it. This is simply what I put together after seeing it requested a number of times in various witchy communities I belong to.

While the graphic is a bit general (so many words, so little room), I have a few more specific recommendations –

~ A freezer container that is closed. Some people swear by using an ice cube tray, but unless it’s a covered tray, I would rather use a sealed box (like Tupperware) or a ziplock freezer bag kind of thing. For me, it adds another dimension to the binding when the photo/paper is enclosed on all sides, not only in ice, but in the container.

~ I say, “place to freeze it” because I’ve heard some people like performing this during the winter, then leaving it outside to freeze.

~ First choice of timing to perform the freezer spell is the Third Quarter moon, with all its good banishing juju. Second choice would be any time during the waning of the moon. Just as valid is any time you feel would be the perfect time for you.

~ If you have a specific way of setting up for spell work (circle casting, altar setup, etc), then go ahead and do that before you start this spell. If you’re like me, and your prep is minimal, still make sure you take time to focus your energy and know exactly what you want the spell to accomplish. Want an ex to leave you alone? Be clear in your mind that you want absolutely no contact from them, like picture checking your phone and not seeing twenty million any notifications from them. Need a situation at work to stop hurting your brain? Again, clearly picture what a perfect workday would look like without that situation.

~ When the time comes that you no longer feel you need the binding, go right ahead and release it. I recommend burying it because of the relationship between earth and water, but you could use other methods. Maybe let the container thaw, burn the photo/paper inside, and use the water to douse the fire. Or tear the paper into tiny pieces, scatter them to the wind, and toss the water into the air after it. Or throw the frozen block (without the container) into a river or ocean. Again, whatever speaks to you.

I think that about does it, but feel free to shout out if you have any questions or comments about this. Bright blessings to you!

Witchcraft 101 - The Freezer Spell updated June 2020

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  1. I long for the day I will again have a garden in which to burn things for spell work (I also believe in the potent magic of the earth and burying things), but alas, I don’t think the apartment complex would appreciate me digging a hole in their flowerbeds! Burning is usually my preferred method, now.

    1. Burning is usually my go-to as well. And yes, I’m thinking the complex manager might have a thing or two to say about digging in the garden…LOL!

  2. Just googled and found this amazing site! Very nice info to add to what I know…
    Doing a LOVE binding and just did it yesterday not remember what moon phase we are in. Im so happy. Lets see what happens as I let it stay in the freezer. thanks

  3. I ha v e a question I’m a beginner practiver and I messed up. I don’t have the thawed water anymore it leaked thru the zip lock bag. How can I fix this so I can release this binding. Can I still burry the rest of the contents without the watee??

    1. Yes, if you want to bury the contents and release the binding, the water doesn’t matter. If you wanted to refresh the spell, then you’d need to add new water before freezing again. And no worries – after almost 30 years of practicing, I still make oopsies here and there. Bright blessings to you!

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