What’s up with that #SteemClan and Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt stuff on Twitter?

Yesterday morning, hubby & I were drinking our coffees whilst staring at our respective computer screens, when I noticed a tweet from @nathanmars, asking some of the #seven77 community if we’d joined Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt.


Now two days before, I’d liked & retweeted a #steem tweet that featured @enginewitty waving his hand in a very “secret club house sign” kind of way, while someone on his phone did the same. A short time later @wholeself-in then replied to me and a couple others, asking if we wanted to jump on the Steem chain. I told her I’d check it out and get back to her, and two seconds later it promptly fell out of my brain.

So yesterday I decided that before it fell out again, I take a peek and see what was up. First thing I found was the post, We Created a New BlockChain – Wanna Join? by @paulag, which explained, in part…

@steemclan, working towards bringing home treasure of $1m Bitcoin to Steem, have created a chain on twitter in reply to this call from the treasure hunt organisers

A short time later, I found myself in their Discord server and before I knew it, I was a part of the chain!


Seriously, this is so easy that it took me less than an hour, start to finish – and for anyone else, would probably take about ten to fifteen minutes! Here’s essentially how it went – after joining the server & talking to awesomely helpful admins, I got the block number I needed to use in my tweet, and the link to the previous tweet/block.

Then since it was such a beautiful morning, I asked hubby to follow me out in the yard to get my quick Steem sign wave filmed with my camera & tripod. I thought my Essential Tremor was quiet enough for me to hold my phone with @jadams2k18‘s playing on it for the two seconds it would take, but alas! My body wasn’t being cooperative, so hubby came up with the brilliant idea to hold my left elbow, which steadied my arm enough to get it done.

Next, I had the brilliant idea to convert my video into a gif, which would solve the audio & frame cropping issues I wouldn’t have had if I’d just done it on my phone like a normal person everyone else seems to have done. It only took a few minutes on my favorite Video to GIF converter to get it set, and after double-checking in Discord that I was good to go, away I tweeted!

After realizing how simple it was to do (and after hearing one of the rival teams actually went into a nursing home to get a bunch of grannies to do their wave), I decided I had to do something to help get the word out. I tagged a bunch of people like @theycallmedan and @jaynie in a tweet much like @nathanmars‘s tagged me, and I’m hoping word will spread before the June 15th deadline.

Oh, and there’s lots of excellent (and much simpler than my “short story long” ramble) information in the post, “All Hands On Deck! by @wholeself-in/LauraDee, and I highly recommend checking it out.


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