Moon Monday – Full Moons in 2015

Happy Moon Monday! What exactly is that, you ask? Well, I’m sharing some moon pictures, and today is Monday!

In all seriousness, last night as we were getting ready to head to bed, I noticed the almost-but-not-quite First Quarter moon hanging in the sky. It occurred to me that it’s been forever since I’ve hung out in the yard, taking pictures of La Luna. After a bit of browsing through my archives, I remembered that I had a pretty good streak of getting shots of the Full moon for a number of months in a row.

I checked, and I started in March of 2015, and the streak ended… well, I don’t quite remember. I figure we can find out together. So for the next handful of weeks, I’ll share full moon photos, one for each month, until I find a month without one.

Full Moons in 2015!

Full Moons in 2015
3. March 2015

Full Moons in 2015
4. April 2015

5. May 2015

Full Moons in 2015
6. June 2015

7. July 2015

8. August 2015

9. September 2015 (lunar eclipse Blood Moon)

Full Moons in 2015
10. October 2015

Full Moons in 2015
11. November 2015

Full Moons in 2015
12. December 2015


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