Wednesday Walk in my Yard on November 6th, 2019

Yeppers, I actually went for a walk in my yard today, and took pictures! With the glorious fall days coming quickly to an end (and after hearing the “s” word mentioned in the forecast for tomorrow), I decided I’d better get in a Wednesday Walk while the getting was good. While I originally planned to just hang out for about ten minutes, and snap a couple dozen photos, I ended up wandering for just about an hour, and took close to 200 pictures (as well as a few short videos)!

For today, I decided to narrow my selection down to the first 20 minutes, and picked two dozen of my favorite shots (plus two of the videos), and I’ll share the rest for future Wednesday Walks, when the weather outside is frightful.

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday Walk make me smile post – Beaverbrook trails which has some beautiful autumn shots of the trails in Milford, Connecticut.

Now, on to my Wednesday Walk in my yard on November 6th, 2019!


Wednesday Walk in my Yard
When I first headed out the door at around 2:30pm, I thought there were a bunch of birds hanging out in this tree…

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
…turns out it was just a bunch of leaves that haven’t given up yet!

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
After all the rain and wind storms we’ve had, I’m surprised there’s any foliage left at all.

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
I was also surprised to see the sun heading down so soon – dang you, Daylight Savings Time! Usually the sun hits this point in the sky (where that overly bright glow is on the left) late afternoon. It did make for a cool effect for this shot though.


I took this quick video to show how breezy it actually is today.

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
And here’s a photo of the leaves from the video

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
More mostly barren trees

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
And yet, there are still things growing – including dandelions!

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
Even the breezes today haven’t knocked the wishes off this one…

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
…so of course I had to get a shot of the sun behind it.

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
Still a decent amount of leaves on a tree or two

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
In my Heartful Wednesday Walk from October 15th, I took a picture of a huge mushroom growth (aka a fairy condo complex). Now it’s bigger, but mostly covered in leaves.

Here’s the shot from last month, for comparison

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
Even with all the leaves on top of it, I was still able to zoom in on some clear spots – and look! Another heart!

Wednesday Walk in my Yard
I think I’ll call this one, “Goth Shroom.” 😂

So many bare branches, but still so much green grass

The view above the Fairy Mushroom condo complex

A zoomed in shot of the leaves

I heard some chattering nearby, and suddenly felt like I was being watched…


Sure enough, I was!

The shadow of our house on the right, and the edge of the woods

There’s an old bit of weather lore that says if there’s a large amount of acorns in the fall, it’s going to be a particularly bad winter…

… and all I can say is, “UGH!”

Interesting that somebody hasn’t budged, even though I walked away a bit! Guess Mr Chipmunk is waiting until I leave to collect more of those acorns.

The view above me as I started to walk into the woods off our side yard.

And another zoomed in shot – amazing to still see some of the leaves haven’t fully turned yet.

While this was far from the last shot I took today, I thought it made a nice final photo for this post. Even though the leaves have fallen, there are still small pine cones on the branches. And since pine cones symbolize the promise of spring and rebirth, I figure it’s a good reminder that even though the snow is coming, soon enough it will be time for things to grow again.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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