#SublimeSunday – Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos Times Three

First up, just like I said last week – to clarify my title, Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos Times Three, is just my almost annoyingly alliterative way of saying, “Twelve Bluebird pictures I played around with.” 😊

Speaking of last week’s post, I got the idea to edit out the background of one of my butterfly pictures (using LunaPic) so I could put it on a more aesthetically pleasing background for a #FunkyEdits Sublime Sunday kind of thing. What started as a ten minute experiment turned into an afternoon/evening long frenzy of picking out free backgrounds on Canva. I only stopped because I was running out of Sunday… 😂

Then after getting such an awesome response to the post from so many wicked awesomesauce people, including a shout out from @shadowspub on Pimp Your Post Thursday (thank you again, @saffisara!), I decided to give it another go.

For this week, I started working on a different picture from my recent #WednesdayWalk post first thing this morning, thinking I could get it banged out by noontime. Here’s the one I picked…

A late afternoon shower displeased Mr Bluebird…

Now as I’m posting this, there’s only a couple hours of Sunday left… I’m discovering that this little experiment is wicked addictive!

The first thing I had to do, of course, was to make my subject change “official”…

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos
Passing the torch

For the record, I couldn’t find a comparable image on Canva, so I got that particular background from StockSnap over at Pixabay

One last thing before I get to the Bluebird pictures – be sure to check out tag host @c0ff33a‘s most recent #SublimeSunday post for more info on this wicked cool initiative – 🙌🏽Sublime Sunday🙌🏽 An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas by @c0ff33a ☕️

Now here are my #SublimeSunday Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos Times Three!


Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos

Four Funky Blue Bird Fantasy Fotos







Quick shout out before the final picture – last week on my butterfly post, @wwwiebe replied and said

That’s brilliant!That’s one well travelled butterfly. Do you think it’s ever been to the moon?

Since I spaced (pun intended) doing so for Mr Butterfly, I had to make sure that at least Mr Bluebird got there, so he can meet up with Steem in the very near future…



Happy #SublimeSunday!

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