Wicked Wayback Wednesday Walk from July 9th 2016

Once more into the archives for my wicked wayback Wednesday Walk from July 9th 2016! Okay, once more isn’t entirely accurate, since I’m probably still going to be dipping back into my old unpublished stuff for at least another week or two. Especially since I discovered I have pictures of the tour of Gettysburg we took as a family (back in 2016) that I haven’t even gone through yet!

But for now, here are more shots taken in our Durham, NH yard, which happens to be right next to something like 700 acres of conservation woods, and gives us a bunch of awesome and varied visitors.

I did use five of these shots for a Foto Friday post back then, but the rest of the twenty have only been seen by our landlady and her family (since I’ve been in the habit of emailing her the large majority of photos I take while wandering around the property).

Speaking of wandering, don’t forget to wander on over to @tattoodjay‘s latest post, called Wednesday walk challenge and Steem Basic Income Give away which features some awesomely patriotically decorated homes and such (the last house is definitely my fave!).

Now, on to my photos from July 9th 2016!


Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
Not sure if this is a Baltimore Oriole adult female or immature male…

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
…at the time, I posted these in a local birding group, but no one was certain which is was…

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
…other than a cute little character!

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
Mr Blue Jay was perfectly centered in this shot one second before I hit the shutter button… brat!

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
Female Cardinal hanging out at the Avian Eatery….

… and was briefly joined by her hubby…

…before he took off to a nearby tree branch to stand watch while she ate. Such a gentleman!

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
I’d never heard of Ghost Flowers before moving here…

Wednesday Walk from Walk from July 9th 2016
…after I spotted these beauties (the year before this, I believe), I searched the interwebz for info.

They are also known as Ghost pipes, Indian pipes or Corpse plants.

Ghost flower closeup

Here’s a pair just emerging from the ground. In a few weeks time, they turn completely black and dry out. Nature is so cool!

… and was briefly joined by her hubby…

This was another little guy that I had to get IDed by my bird watchers group. This time they all agreed it is a Pine Warbler.

A late afternoon shower displeased Mr Bluebird…

…he spent a great deal of time sitting on one of the feeder poles…

… apparently not appreciating the gloomy weather.

Tiny orange beetley thing on the green leaves

I think Mr. Tufted Titmouse is trying to figure out why I’m contorting my body so awkwardly just to take a picture of a bug!

As I headed into the house again, a Turkey Vulture flew by to say good afternoon.


Happy walking & see you next week!

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