SteemBloPomMo Week One – checking in and curation (#SteemBloPomMo Day 8)

For my #SteemBloPomMo Day 8 post, I thought it would be cool to do a bit of checking in on how things are going, and do some curating of the posts people have been sharing.

This idea for doing a Steem Blog Posting Month came about without much planning (story of my life… 😂). But after a few days of seeing other people jumping aboard, I’m wicked psyched about how it’s coming along – so far, five other Steemians have been tagging their posts with #SteemBloPomMo, and along with my posts, there’s been a total of 39 posts with the tag (which far exceeded my assumption of maybe 10 posts 😊).

And while the whole idea (much like the NaNoWriMo concept that inspired it) was to motivate people to post more consistently, I decided that a little extra encouragement couldn’t hurt. At some point in the first day or two I started upvoting and resteeming each post, and now I’m thinking that along with curating the most recent for a weekly post, I’ll also drop a @TipU tip on each one as I curate it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the tip each week, but I’m going to go ahead and do it now… be right back…


Okay, now here are the most recent posts in the #SteemBloPomMo feed from @fionasfavourites, @darrenfj, @sustainablelivin (aka @mariannewest), @rwedegis, @rosatravels, and myself.

Barley – better than rice?

by @fionasfavourites

It was quite a weird weekend – no diners for Sunday Supper. A mixed blessing, but not just because it gave us a night off, but also because the box of ripening tomatoes – destined for the fresh tomato soup – was pinched off our veranda. Because my kitchen is rather small, I have an outside prep area and the tomatoes were stashed (or so I thought) where they’d be missed. Not. The gap was discovered on Sunday morning and had we had bookings, instant panic would have ensued.



BlogPoMo Post April 7th

by @darrenfj

Long dogwalk in a new park today.. that’s covered off in my @actifit update here you know, if you’ve been following along from home, I’m learning to code. Have been for a while now.

Here’s a little vid to motivate you on your own coding journey:



Identify All and Win!

by @sustainablelivin

Look carefully at all these delicious morsels and tell me what you are seeing.

Everything you see was harvested within a couple of days. Today is April 7 and everything is grown in San Diego.

Please comment and list the names of the fruit in order.

Everyone who gets all of them correct will win 1 SBI – Steem Basic Income. To be eligible, you need to have a Steem account. If you don’t have one, let me know and I will set you up with one – if you decide that you want to give Steem a try.



ULOG #26 – One Crazy Sunday

by @rwedegis

One Crazy Sunday

Okay, right now I should be relaxing in bed with a glass of red wine watching some TV. But I really want to support my friend @traciyork and her #SteemBloPoMo challenge. I am sure many of you know Traci and know that she is the ultimate of awesomeness! So I’m posting this late, but still under the wire and still today.

So what’s going on you might ask! Well, it all started last night. I went over to my friend Arnie’s coach to watch the Michigan State Spartans basketball game. the Spartans were playing in the final four of College basketball’s March Madness tournament. If they had won, they would be playing for the National Championship Monday night. Notice that I said “if”! Now I’m not really a big college basketball fan, but Arnie is a great host and makes awesome rum and cokes. My college, the University of New Hampshire, when I was attending, not just had losing seasons they had win-less seasons.




by @rosatravels

April Spring Flowers



Mostly Silent Sunday – Pictures from April 2017 (#SteemBloPoMo Day 7)

by @traciyork

Back in February 2016, after I started obsessively taking pictures with my new (at the time) Nikon, I began sending the best of the shots each week through email to our landlady.

Some weeks, pretty much every shot I deemed worthy of resizing and/or cropping ended up being posted, either on my WordPress blog (before I discovered the joys of Steem blogging) or other social media.

Mostly Silent Sunday Pictures from April 2017 #SteemBloPoMo Day 7



That’s it for now!
Special thanks to the wicked awesome & supportive @jaynie from the equally awesome & supportive #PowerHouseCreatives (formally known as @steemitbloggers) for allowing me to essentially copy her @share2steem curation post template format – in fact, you should go check out her latest one HERE.
As always, you ROCK!

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