Mostly Silent Sunday – Pictures from April 2017 (#SteemBloPoMo Day 7)

Back in February 2016, after I started obsessively taking pictures with my new (at the time) Nikon, I began sending the best of the shots each week through email to our landlady.

Some weeks, pretty much every shot I deemed worthy of resizing and/or cropping ended up being posted, either on my WordPress blog (before I discovered the joys of Steem blogging) or other social media.

Other weeks, like the first week of April 2017, very few of my shots were used, and besides me, only our landlady has seen them. Here are those shots, with the original short captions (with a 📷 on the ones posted before) for each.

Morning of the Nor’easter

Blue Jay on a dead branch 📷

First quarter moon 📷

Sunrise the day after the blizzard

Treetop Junco and Goldfinch 📷

Treetop Junco 📷

Angel the crow watching me watch him

Canadian Geese

Snowy sunrise

Stripey clouds

Turkey Vulture flyby

Angel making some noise

Hen Party

Tree top Goldfinch

Hawk against the stormy sky

Hazy moon, halfway between first quarter on the 3rd and full on the 11th

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    1. Aww, thanks so much April! Hoping that with the weather change (which, in theory, should have a positive effect on my ET), I’ll be able to wander with my camera more often.

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