My entry into the “5 Things that make you smile” PowerHouseCreatives Contest (#SteemBloPoMo Day 6)

Once again, @zord189 from the PowerHouseCreatives community (learn how to join HERE) has come up with a wicked awesomesauce contest idea! The criteria is very simple – “Write about 5 Things that make you smile, giggle, laugh.”

Here’s mine!

1 – My hubby & kids

These four people will forever be the source of my greatest joy and happiness (albeit while also being the source of my greatest angst and annoyance, in equal measure to how much I annoy them… 😂)

Here we all are in our early years together –
Me, Jim, and the kids at a homeschool event, 2005

And a more recent shot –

In our driveway, getting ready to head to PA for our family vacation July 18 2016

2 – Family Get-togethers

Over the years, our big Cavanaugh clan gatherings have dwindled, but still any time any of us come together (like we did for my mother’s milestone birthday a few years ago), it is guaranteed to make me grin.

It was a surprise party, and boy was mom surprised to see us all!
Mom’s birthday cake, with all the names we call her… well, almost all… 😉😂
Cailli, Aunt Mary (mom’s one and only sis), and Ciara

3 – Four-legged family members

Sid (short for Obsidian, who also answers to Sir Sidymus, Siddy-kinz, Mr. Drools..the list goes on) has the distinction of being the oldest of our furry family members – he adopted us way back in 2004!

Sid the black cat sleeping
Sid sacked out on our bed, some time in 2004

In 2015, Sandy came to live with us…

Blissed out Sandy, May 2016

And as of November 2018, we have another not-so-little guy here (and yes, I’m gonna do a post about him soon)…

Hanging out, November 28th 2018

How can you look at these little snugglebugs and not smile?

Gang’s all here, January 2019

4 – Wandering with my camera

We totally won the tenant’s lottery back in 2012 when hubby found the house we’re currently renting. While we won’t be here much longer (long story, but the time has come to move on, once we can find a place to move to!), I plan to enjoy the hezmana out of it while I can. I mean, how could I not when the yard has gifted me such shots as this…

Long-tailed weasel, wearing its coat of winter white

…and this…

Full moon with a bat photobomb

…as well as one of my all time favorite shots (which even adorns my morning coffee mug)…

Angel the Crow

5 – My Essential Tremor diagnosis

No, I’m not being sarcastic (well, probably not… maybe… LOL!). Seriously, with all the stressful and negative stuff that comes from having a whole bunch of lovely things going wrong in my body, there are still many things about it that give me a chuckle. Like, how any time I refer to my ET, I hear hubby’s voice (either in my head or in person) intoning, “ET… phone… home….”

And how I can now call myself a Mover & Shaker and no one can argue! If you need proof, check out this video (actual footage 😉) of me this morning…


Happy smiling, everyone! 😊

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  1. That weasel’s smile made me go alll happy inside!

    So did a silly fuzzy notepad with a llama on it. I sent it to my brother and he did a literal LOL. That llama w great value for miney in the smile stakes.

    Also, real live llamma always seem to look amused…

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