Pictures of the Full Sturgeon Moon, August 26th 2018

After a ridiculously large number of days & nights of rain, last night the weather finally cooperated. As a result, I was able to get some pictures of the Full Sturgeon Moon.

Okay, “some” might be a bit of an understatement. After peeking outside a couple of times earlier in the evening, La Luna was finally high enough in the sky to clear the trees around 10pm. Twenty-ish minutes later, I had about 150 shots!


I waited until this morning to go through them all, so I could pick the ones I wanted to post. The first pass through I ended up with about 50..

Pictures of the Full Sturgeon Moon, first 50 choices

As you can see, there were a bunch of similar shots, with just the tiniest bit of difference (slightly different angle, adjusted exposure). After another buzz through them all, I managed to drop it down to two dozen.

For those interested in the technical stuff – as always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 and handy dandy tripod (yes, those are Amazon affiliate links – thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something!). I use the Auto Mode setting – the differences in color and such are due to changes in zoom and exposure (I typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step). Then I reduced the pictures by 20% or 25%, cropped if necessary, et voilà!

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them!

I grabbed this shot first, so I’d have at least one clear shot

A bit darker exposure

Lighting up the leaves

Same shot but a bit closer

Framed by the trees

Love all the different shapes the leaves make

Peeking over the treetops

The clouds are moving in again

Hard to complain though, because they make for interesting shots

Shadow moon
(because it sounds sexier than, “moon partially covered by clouds” – lol)

Did you know that humid weather can make the moon look pink? Three guesses what kind of weather we’re having…

I mean, besides the obvious stormy weather…lol

It almost looks like a giant eye

I love it when the clouds turn pink too

Definite stormy weather approaching… again…

Is it just me, or does it looks like a wolf about to swallow the moon?

Regardless, it looks wicked pretty

This is the same shot as the previous one, but I changed the exposure hoping you could see the rays coming out from behind the clouds, but it didn’t really help… *pout*

And a moment later, Wolfie actually did gobble up the moon!

Peekaboo! She’s back again.

“I always feel like…somebody’s watching me…”

Yeah, I know this one is blurry (my essential tremor sometimes has bad timing) but I liked the way it looked. Kinda like it was jumping up and down for joy!

And this shot looks like a Pokeball!

This is the last picture I took – even thought it’s not greatest, I included it since it reminds me of standing at the porch door, not wanting to go in because every time I looked at the sky, it was different. Such a magical moon!


Thanks for stopping by!

Photo credit: Traci York, taken with my trusty Nikon
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