Full Harvest Moon in Pisces – September 6th 2017

On Wednesday September 6th, the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces arrives in my neck of the woods. However, your mileage may vary – be sure to check for your local time HERE. To suss out what this means, I once again scoured the interwebz for people more well-versed in astrology than me.

Here’s a snippet from the article September 2017 New & Full Moons: Full Moon in Pisces & New Moon in Virgo over at The Dark Pixie Astrology

September brings a full moon in Pisces on the 6th at 3:03AM ET, and Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, so we can see some wrapping up with this full moon. We can take time to clean house, and get rid of what’s holding us back, weighing us down, and keeping us stuck in the past. This can be a great time to let go, and that’s especially needed after the August eclipses and Mercury retrograde, which ends the day before this full moon.

We can be more sensitive with this full moon, and need to be handled with kid gloves. Our emotions can be strong, but we can keep what we’re feeling to ourselves, not wanting to be a burden to anyone. We should work to be more compassionate and understanding, no doubt needed after the wonky energy we’re coming out of.

The full moon is conjunct (aligned with) the natural ruler of Pisces, Neptune, amplifying the energy of Pisces and making it even more important for us to be sweet, gentle, kind, and caring. Step outside of yourself and lend a hand to someone else. The world needs a little sweetness.

I updated the graphic for a simple Full Moon ritual I created for an earlier post, and thought I’d include it here as well.

Good Fortune spell for the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Also, here’s a brand new for August 2017 Full Moon Healing Spell graphic, created for a blog share post I did for A Witch’s Path. Don’t forget to check out her guest post, here on my blog on how to create Floral Full Moon Water.

Healing Ritual for the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Last, but not least, here’s the graphic I created for the occasion, using a picture I took of the full moon last September. Bright Full Moon Blessings to all!
Full Harvest Moon in Pisces September 6 2017

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