Free Tarot Card Reading for the Week of June 19th, 2018

While I’ve said it bunches of times, I figure it can’t hurt to say it again. There’s a relatively new Steemit community called @steemittarot. Here’s the link to the introductory post –

Introducing the Steemit Tarot community!

If you’re interested, check out the feed over at @steemittarot or the hash tag #tarottuesday for awesome Tarot offerings from amazing Steemians.

Speaking of offerings, here’s mine for the upcoming week, beginning today (June 19th, 2018) …

Happy Tarot Tuesday!

For those who’ve asked, here’s a brief rundown on how I put this reading together each week –

I use my very old & extremely well-loved Universal Waite Smith Tarot Deck to draw the cards. Then, because the cards are definitely not ready for their closeup, I photograph the cards using my stand-in Radiant Deck. Oh, and yes – it’s a new picture of the back of the cards every week.


Now for the reading. This is how it works – pick the card (or cards) that you’re drawn to, then scroll to the bottom of this post for the card reveal and my short interpretation of what to expect in the upcoming week. If more than one strikes your fancy, go for it! In fact, I’ve been told there are some who pick all three cards each week, and use this as a mini past/present/future reading! 😊

June 19th 2018 Tarot

Got your card (or cards)? Then it’s time to scroll to the bottom of the post for the big reveal.

This used to be the part where I’d have a wickedly cool song from one of the awesomely talented musicians on Steemit, that I’d use for my scrolling music (aka, a way to make sure you don’t glimpse the card faces before you’ve made your choice). However, I’ve still been a bit scarce this past week (story for another day), so instead I’m taking a page from @amariespeaks‘s book. She uses her incredibly cool original word art from her Instagram for people to scroll past, so I decided to once again use one of the bazillion quotos I created over the past few years, using my photography and quotes other people provided.

Witch Quote Challenge Week 1 Dumbledore Quote

Okay, now it’s finally time for the big card reveal. Your message for this week is…

Drum roll, please and thank you


June 19th 2018 Tarot

1. Eight of Cups

A new journey. Change can be scary. But sometimes you need to just walk away from it all, and start down a different path. Time to get out of your comfort zone, and follow your gut instinct that there’s something better and more fulfilling out there. This can also mean that you feel you’ve given something (like a job, relationship, or creative endeavor) everything you’ve got, and you haven’t gotten anything in return. It’s okay to say, enough’s enough, leave it behind, and look for something new that speaks to your soul. As Brent Smith from Shinedown says, “Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”

2. Three of Cups

Time to celebrate. . Cue the dance music. Things are falling into place, even if you don’t see all the pieces yet. It’s time to grab your family and friends (local or online) and get your groove thing on. Don’t stop to try and analyze the situation – just enjoy the (practical) magic of the moment, and give in to the joy. Even if it’s something as simple as turning up the radio and dancing around in your kitchen with some midnight margaritas. You deserve this happiness.

3. Six of Pentacles

Help is needed. You’re generous. Whenever you have more than you need (time, money, love), you give freely to others, and enjoy the feeling that comes with doing good. Now it might be time to let someone give to you. There’s no shame in having a need, and by accepting help, you’re giving someone else the gift of feeling good about their actions. However, pay close attention to the man holding the carefully balanced scale in card picture. It’s a reminder that “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find, you get what you need.



I hope your message resonated for you. Be sure to shout out in the comment section, and let me know what you thought. And, as is the case with all my posts, if you enjoyed it, please feel free to share. Bright blessings!


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