Forgetting the FUD in favor of #SPUD2 (Steem Power Up Day 2)!

It’s time for Steem Power Up Day 2!

A couple months ago, I did a post about how I put my money where my blog is, and took the financial leap into investing into it – specifically by purchasing some Steem for my blockchain blog (which is essentially a mirror of my WordPress blog). I’d been hearing all sorts of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), but I knew in my gut it was something I wouldn’t regret doing.

Not too long after that, hubby & I talked about investing a bit more, but we’re a family of five living off of one paycheck, there’s really no such thing as, “spare cash.” However, we agreed that it would be a worthwhile thing to do.

Around that same time, I was seeing posts on Steem about an initiative by @streetstyle, called the Steem Power Up Day or, #SPUD. I decided it was a sign, and joined in by purchasing, then powering up, 276 Steem (at a cost of about $100 USD). While I didn’t post about it on my WordPress blog (I believe it was being wonky at the time, and got stuck in “maintenance mode”) you can see all the deets on my Steem post HERE.

The May 1st imitative was a great success, so @streetstyle is doing it again – check out his post for all the details about #SPUD2 for June 1st.

Long story short (and actually for me, this is short… 😂 ), I’m doing it again. And freaking out a bit because as I said, $100 is not pocket change for us. However, I truly believe in this platform, and I see buying Steem cryptocurrency as an investment better than any fiat stock. In fact, being part of the Steem community means I actually now understand what fiat means! Who knew that starting a cryptoblog would lead to such an awesome financial education?!

Be sure to watch this space on June 1st for my official I SPENT MORE MONIES ON CRYPTO blog.

Oh, and to my readers and WordPress friends who aren’t familiar with Steemit (one of many social apps built on the Steem blockchain & the one I primarily use to blog) or the cryptocurrency called Steem, please feel free to ask me questions! I promise you, it’s not a pyramid scheme, or cult, or anything. In fact, the only reward I would get for bringing someone over to the crypto side would be the ability to interact with you on a platform where your “like” “heart” “upvote” thingy actually has monetary value.

#Steem to the moon!


Steem Power Up Day 2

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Steem Power Up Day 2

Steem Power Up Day 2
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Steem Power Up Day 2 Steem Power Up Day 2 Steem Power Up Day 2

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