Happy #SPUD2 (Steem Power Up Day Two) June 1st 2019!

Today is Steem Power Up Day Two day! As I said a couple days ago, hubby & I have had a number of discussions about this cryptocurrency called Steem, and how it seems like an amazing opportunity to put my money where my blog is, so I’ve invested a few small amounts over the past few months.

Give how much I hate to spend money, and how little extra we have in our family of five/income of one household, this is not a decision I take lightly. But as hubby (who is also here on Steem) reminded me, sometimes you need to spend money to make money, and since I’m spending money he earned, I figured I should listen to him.

So for today’s initiative by @streetstyle, called #SPUD2, or Steem Power Up Day Two, I first thought I should do twice as much as I did last time, when I bought $100 worth of Steem Power (which came out to about 276 Steem). Doing $200 worth would get me about 550 Steem.

Then I realized that I’m only 1050 Steem Power away from becoming a Minnow 1, which I believe is one step away from Dophinhood. However, the idea of dropping around $400 on cryptocurrency had me like…


Hubby once again came to my rescue, talked me out of my panic, and after a few more conversations (and a phone call to our bank after they put a hold on the Coinbase purchase), I’ve now spent over $500 to acquire about 1,200 Steem.

That means (if my math is correct) that adding it to the 2,464 Steem Power I already had in my wallet, will actual power me up 150% of what I had to start…I think… 😂

[EDITED TO CORRECT – after @streetstyle did the math in his update post, I realized my brain made a boo-boo. I powered up 51%, not $150…😜]

Which I’ve just done now…

Click for full sized image


So if anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch with some smelling salts. 😉 😊

Happy #SPUD2 everyone!

Again, to my readers and WordPress friends who made it this far reading my post, and who aren’t familiar with Steemit (one of many social apps built on the Steem blockchain & the one I primarily use to blog) or , please feel free to ask me questions! I promise you, it’s not a pyramid scheme, or cult, or anything. In fact, the only reward I would get for bringing someone over to the crypto side would be the ability to interact with you on a platform where your “like” “heart” “upvote” thingy actually has monetary value.


Hat tip to @podanrj1 for this awesome gif!

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