FF – I heart the Fourth of July

Three things I’m a fan of this Fourth of July holiday weekend –

Fishtown Horribles Parade

My dad, way back in the day, used to park his pickup truck on Stacy Boulevard the night before the parade (July 2nd), and on more than one occasion, walked the three and a half miles to our home on Norman Ave, to ensure we had an excellent spot. Then, before the parade started, he’d drop us off at the truck, go park at his store (Cape Ann Television Service, Inc.) on Main Street, and walk the half mile back to meet us. It’s one of the many reasons I love and miss him so much. Hopefully someday, I’ll find some of the pictures he took at the parades amongst the bajillion slides I have of his.

Boston Pops

I think I’ve watched at least part of this broadcast every year, for as long as I can remember. I do know there was one year, back in the late 80s, that I didn’t see the broadcast, because I was lucky enough to be in Boston, watching from the Esplanade.

4th Of July Inspired Makeup/Outfit/Cookies!! Collab W/Hannah Joelle!

Okay, a little bit of nepotism here, but I really do love this video by the eldest. The cookies taste just like the Lofthouse Cookies we get at Market Basket, her DIY American flag kimono is adorable, and she does makeup like I wish I could when I was her age. Bonus – her friend and collaborator Hannah also has an excellent video. I mean, check out the thumbnail for the video – what’s not to love?

Stay tuned – next week, I’ll have a special guest blogging in this space for Fandom Friday!

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